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You need to employ the most knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges in Illinois. A criminal conviction in the State of Illinois comes with stiff punishments. When you are facing criminal charges, your future and freedom is at risk. Protect yourself by hiring a skilled  criminal lawyer from Goldman & Associates. No matter if your criminal charges are big or small, a conviction may effect the rest of your life. When you hire our legal team of  criminal defense lawyers, we will aggressively fight every aspect of the prosecutor’s case against you. We will use our knowledge, experience and skills to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. The best way to successfully resolve your criminal case is to be proactive in your defense.

At Goldman & Associates, our Attorneys specialize in a number of practice areas including:

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By crafting your defense from the very start, our defense attorneys are prepared to win when the case gets to trial. Remember, time is of the essence for any criminal defense attorney to get consistent favorable results. Contact Goldman & Associates as soon as possible so that we can begin our investigation of your charges immediately. The sooner you do so, the more likely it is that you will see the results you desire. Waiting until the last minute to contact a defense lawyer in Chicago or the surrounding area often means it is much more difficult to craft a defense to achieve the best outcome possible. Our Illinois criminal defense law firm is committed to providing our clients with a personalized criminal defense.

We understand that the outcome of your criminal case can have life long consequences on your future. You must be able to count on your attorney to fight for your rights. You can have the confidence that our criminal lawyers understand what is at risk for you and will do everything in our power to help you. Attorney Steven Goldman has over 20years of experience in fighting criminal cases. He has learned numerous ways to beat cases that people thought were “unbeatable.”  We are committed to fighting for your innocence and your freedom.

Expert Criminal Defense

You can depend upon Goldman & Associates when seeking aggressive legal representation. We are committed to defending the rights of our clients at an affordable price. We will help you understand your legal options through our free initial consultation. Our Chicago law firm offers reasonable rates so that most anybody facing criminal charges can have access to experienced and aggressive attorneys.

A skilled attorney from Goldman & Associates will defend and protect your rights. Contact Goldman & Associates today at 773.484.3131 or 847.215.2600 to speak with an expert criminal defense lawyer.