Appeals in Criminal Cases

A defendant is able to request an appeal if found guilty at the conclusion their trial. An appeal can be a long complicated process with many guidelines that need to be followed.  An appeal is an opportunity for an individual who is dissatisfied with the ruling in their trial to contest the outcome. In order for an appeal to continue on to a new trial, the appellate court must be presented with an error committed by the court below that delivered the verdict.

Although the criminal appeals process seems like a common occurrence in the Chicago court system, the truth is that appeals are not granted in every case. There must be obvious reasons to grant an appeal, courts avoid granting appeals because it is a very costly process for the city and state court system. The appeals process in the United States provides the defendant the opportunity to contest their conviction in appeals court and another trial will take place. An appeal can be granted for a number of reasons, including:

  • Errors by the judge
  • Flawed instructions given to the jury
  • Issues with the initial arrest
  • Problems with evidence or evidence that should not have been allowed in trial
  • Evidence that was overlooked and should have been presented in court
  • A false or coerced confession made by the defendant

Appeal a Criminal Conviction in Chicago IL

The United States judicial system is imperfect. All too often innocent individuals are found guilty and suffer punishment for crimes they did not commit. The appeals process seeks to remedy situations in which the law fails to determine the correct outcome. Having a chance to make an appeal is an opportunity that should be pursued aggressively. You may only apply for an appeal a limited number of times, do not throw away your future by taking an appeals hearing lightly. A Chicago criminal appeals lawyer from Goldman & Associates is ready to represent you. We will fight for your freedom and right for a fair trial.

Outcomes of Appeals Hearings

Also, it is essential to pay attention to the statute of limitations involved with filing an appeal following conviction. Typically a defendant only has ten days or fewer to apply for an appeal. The case will then go to the appellate courts, no new evidence will be presented and no additional testimony will be heard. Both sides will be expected to present their arguments and to the court, the court will then determine if grounds exists for a retrial. If an appeal is successful it will result in the overturning of your conviction. It will not get you out of your sentence right away, however, once the appeals process is completed, if the appeal is successful your sentence will be vacated.

The appeals process is very complicated and this rare opportunity for a second chance should not be wasted. A criminal appeals lawyer at our Chicago law firm is ready to help you with your case. Contact a Chicago appeals lawyer in from Goldman & Associates today by calling 847.215.2600 or 773.484.3131.

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