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Goldman & Associates are one of the leading criminal defense law firms in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We believe in providing aggressive and affordable legal representation for all of our clients facing criminal charges. Regardless of the size of your case, our Chicago criminal lawyers will fight for your rights against law enforcement and the State of Illinois. With over 20 years of experience, our firm has seen virtually every type of criminal case. We have the legal experience and knowledge to implement the best defense for your particular situation. When charged with a criminal offense – the Chicago criminal lawyer you hire can be the deciding factor on whether you are found guilty or not guilty. Our Chicago criminal attorneys has been recognized by Newsweek magazine as one of the 14 Best Criminal Defense Law Firms in the nation. Chicago criminal lawyer Steven Goldman has been interviewed by every major news network in the Chicagoland area including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and WGN.


If you’re facing allegations, we encourage you to contact our Chicago criminal attorneys. We truly care about you, and your family. We are a family oriented law firm – and treat every client with passion, and a desire to truly help them. Sometimes innocent people get accused of a crime with no evidence. Prosecutors want to look good – and will do everything possible to make you admit you did something wrong. Prosecutors will push trumped up charges in order to get you to plea guilty. We understand the pressure you are facing – and the pressure your family is under. We offer a risk free consultation, and discuss the specifics of your case. At the end of the day, we are 100% dedicated to you, and give you a realistic expectation of what to expect. We focus on client satisfaction, and have many years of experience handling some of the toughest cases in Illinois.



Many people accused and convicted of crimes are not the actual perpetrators who committed the criminal act. Many people face this risk by failing to obtain the finest Chicago criminal defense attorney possible to represent them in court. Prison, local incarceration, permanent convictions and costly fines are just a few of the reasons why you need an aggressive criminal lawyer on your side. Our Chicago criminal lawyers will fight your criminal charges so you can get on with your life. The attorneys at Goldman & Associates realize your freedom should never be taken for granted. From the moment we are hired, you can rest assured that we will begin to work diligently on building a tough defense strategy to win your case. At Goldman & Associates we know what it takes to get positive results. Our Chicago criminal attorneys will represent you with professionalism and skill to prove your innocence of whatever criminal charges you are facing. We are available 24/7 to help you.


One of the reasons we win cases is because we take on fewer clients than other firms. We only take on clients who we think we can help. If we don’t think we can help you, then we don’t take you on as a client. Our goal is to provide the best level of customer service possible to each and every client. This is one of the main reasons why clients refer us to their friends, family members, and loved ones. We offer a risk free consultation over the phone, or in person. During the consultation, you can ask us anything you’d like. We discuss things like how to get the case dismissed, how we can help craft a plea deal etc. If you just want a second opinion – we can provide that as well. Once you take advantage of this risk free consultation, you’ll understand why you should work with us. We have numerous office locations, and we can meet you at any one of them. Remember, even if you’ve been falsely accused – you still should hire a private criminal defense lawyer. All defendants who are accused of a crime are required by law to have legal representation. Often, defendants will go to court with a pro bono attorney. The Chicago criminal attorney doesn’t have your best interests at heart. That pro bono attorney works for the state, and is assigned from a local attorney pool. It means the pro bono attorney has a relationship he/she has to preserve with the prosecutions office, and it means he/she will not try to win your case if it causes a problem with that relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have as a Defendant?

The 5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent

Every criminal defendant shares the right to not bear witness against him or herself. The Fifth Amendment allows defendants to remain silent about the crime they are accused of. Thus, the state can not compel a defendant to give information about a crime or to testify in a trial.

Public Trials

Defendants have the right to a trial in an open, public forum. This right allows the family and supporters of the defendant to view the trial process. In most cases, anyone off the street is allowed to sit-in on the trial. The purpose of this right is to provide accountability to the public.
This right may not apply under special circumstances. Judges can close a courtroom to preserve order and safety. This usually happens during high profile trials. It is also possible for the court to exclude certain witnesses.

Speedy Trial Rights

The Constitution’s Sixth Amendment states that defendants have the right to a speedy trial. This right promotes judicial efficiency. It also prevents unfair delays in processing the defendant’s case. In some scenarios a case can be dismissed if a trial does not occur within a specified time.

Right to a Jury

All those accused of a crime have the right to be tried in front of a jury of their peers. This right is also found in the Sixth Amendment. There are also protections in place for the fair selection of jury members. Furthermore, in most jurisdictions a defendant cannot be convicted unless there is a unanimous decision.

Attorney Representation

Another right found in the Sixth Amendment concerns representation by a Chicago criminal attorney. This is often referred to as “assistance of counsel.” A defendant can always have an attorney handling the case. If a defendant cannot afford an Chicago criminal attorney they may use the services of the Public Defender. Defendants can always elect to defend themselves if they prefer.
Every defendant also has the right to adequate representation. A Chicago criminal defense lawyer that makes very serious mistakes in a trial may violate the defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights. This could give the defendant grounds to appeal the case.

Witness Confrontation

The accused has the right to hear witness testimony and to perform a cross-examination. The state’s attorneys are responsible for presenting witnesses to testify against the defendant. The intent behind this right is to allow the jury and defense to assess the credibility of the witness.

Bail Rights

Under the Eight Amendment the defendant has the right to reasonable bail. Defendants also cannot be sentenced to “cruel and unusual punishment.” The restriction against cruel punishments means that prisoners must be given humane treatment while in custody. It also means that the length of a sentence should match the severity of the crime.

Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

One of the most often asserted protections is found in the Fourth Amendment. A suspect has the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Police must have probable cause to carry out a search, or to confiscate items from the defendant. In some cases a warrant may be necessary as well. In fact, the only time police do not need a warrant is where the circumstances allow for a warrantless search. If law enforcement violates the 4th Amendment it may be possible to suppress the evidence obtained.
For assistance in better understanding these rights contact a Chicago criminal criminal defense attorney for a consultation.

Will I go to jail for Chicago Illinois DUI Charge?

Chicago DUI charge is a serious charge that many people will get at some point in their lives. DUI stands for driving under the influence, and refers to someone operating a motor vehicle under the influence of an outside agent. Generally, this refers to alcohol or drugs with the most common being alcohol. There are serious penalties for getting a DUI, and it must be taken seriously by the person charged with the crime. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident a person may or may not go to jail. There are several variables that an attorney will have to consider before advising a client on their potential legal status.

Driving Record

In the United States, one of the best indicators of how harsh a punishment will be is the past record of the accused. If someone has a long criminal record they are likely to face a more still penalty as a first time offender. For those accused of a DUI, the driving record is one of the best places to look. If someone has a history of bad driving or DUI convictions, the penalty is going to be much more harsh. In many states, it is possible for someone to go to jail for having a DUI. However, for first time offenders it is quite rare that they will go to jail. If you are a first time offender with a clean driving record, the odds of you going to jail are very slim to none.

Criminal History

However, if you are someone that has multiple offenses on your driving record, the judge may look at your criminal history as well. If a person has a history of DUI arrests and other criminal charges, the odds that they will serve some jail time for their offenses starts to rise. There are many different reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that jail is supposed to help a person get out of their routine. If a driver has several DUI’s on their record, the judge may believe that thirty days in jail could transform their line of thinking. The more DUI’s a person has, the bigger their potential punishment will grow. In addition, if a person has any outstanding warrants or other crimes, that will also be taken in to consideration in the sentencing.


All those accused of a crime have the right to be tried in front of a jury of their peers. This right is also found in the Sixth Amendment. There are also protections in place for the fair selection of jury members. Furthermore, in most jurisdictions a defendant cannot be convicted unless there is a unanimous decision.

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