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Drug charges can refer to a number of things in Illinois law and are among the most common of criminal charges brought to court. In Chicago possession of drugs, distribution and sales, along with drug trafficking can all be charged as separate offenses in the court of law. Chicago courts and State’s Attorneys are especially aggressive when working drug cases because of the “war on drugs” in the country and our metropolitan area. Having a highly skilled Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney with years of experience on your side can make all the difference in your case. The law firm of Goldman & Associates can offer you or your family member a free consultation on an arrest for any drug crime in Chicago, IL. Prosecuting attorneys in the city of Chicago are very aggressive in punishing all drug crimes, no matter the circumstances. Your Chicago drug crimes attorney from Goldman & Associates will listen to you throughout the process of defense and work with you in creating a defense that will stand strong in the court of law.

What is a Drug Crime?

Drug crimes refer to any possession, use, distribution or manufacturing of any sort of illegal substance. This includes all offenses involving marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and many other substances. a criminal conviction can happen to anyone, no matter their profession or social class. A conviction for any drug crime could leave you facing a number of penalties including: hefty fines, probation and even prison time depending on the drug and the amount in question. Police officers and other law enforcement in Cook County can sometimes “over charge” your case. Prosecutors in Cook County are notorious for treating drug possession cases like crimes of the century! If you have been arrested for a Chicago drug crime or other drug related offense, we can provide a free consultation at any one of our law offices in the Chicago area.

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Possession of a Controlled Substance

Distribution or Manufacturing of Controlled Substances

Manufacture, Distribution, and Trafficking of Marijuana in Illinois

Cultivation or Possession of Marijuana Plants in Illinois

Possession of Anabolic Steroids

Chicago Defense Attorney for a Drug Charges

If you are a first-time offender for a drug crime, you may be encouraged by some public defenders to plead guilty. However, the criminal lawyers at Goldman & Associates we are not afraid to take your case to trial and avoid conviction to keep your record clear. Although the court will always choose lighter sentences for first-time offenders in court, this is also the reason it is especially important to not be convicted in the first place. Multiple convictions will incur very serious penalties and almost certain jail time, all crimes should be defended in the court to avoid any sort of conviction that will negatively affect your criminal record. The Illinois Controlled Substance Act not only criminalizes knowing possession of unlawful drugs, but also the manufacture and delivery of these drugs. Possession of illicit drugs in Illinois can be categorized as:

• Possession of an unlawful or controlled substance or analog

• Possession of unlawful or controlled substance or analog with the intent to deliver or manufacture

To get a conviction, the prosecution has to prove the following without a reasonable doubt:

• Type of unlawful or controlled substance

• The defendant knowingly possessed the illegal substance

• The defendant had the substance in their immediate surroundings and exclusive control

It is prudent to remember that possessing unlawful substances is grounds for a conviction, but possessing a large amount of the substance will attract greater penalties. So, if you are charged with possession of controlled substance, you should immediately hire a criminal lawyer to represent you.

Possession vs Possession with Intent to Deliver in Chicago, IL

It can be a frightening experience if you are charged with drug possession in Illinois. However, there is a difference between possession for personal consumption and possession with the intent to deliver. If you are caught with a bag of cannabis for personal use, you will most likely get only a fine with the new laws in effect. However, it is prudent to get a consultation from a criminal law firm as the penalty will vary based on the kind of substance you are caught with. Remember, to get a conviction, you have to knowingly have the illegal drug in your immediate surroundings and exclusive control. That means if the drug is found in your home, pocket or vehicle, it is considered yours and you can be convicted as a result. The defense law firm you hire should explain these scenarios with you in detail.

Delivery of a Controlled Substance

On the other hand, possession with the intent to deliver is a charge that law enforcement personnel will proceed on you if you are caught with large amounts of a controlled and illegal substance. A large amount is anything that is considered more than what a person would have for personal use. You can even be charged with possession with the intent to deliver even if you have a small amount, but it is packed for sale or delivery. Our criminal defense lawyers have years of experience handling serious crimes and charges you may be facing. Criminal charges for delivery of a controlled substance or other narcotics require an aggressive drug crime defense. Charges like these carry serious consequences if found guilty.

Possession With the Intent to Deliver

Possession with the intent to deliver attracts harsher punishment compared with ordinary possession. Serious possession (large amounts of the illegal drug) with the intent to distribute is classified as Class X felony and attracts a minimum prison sentence of 6 years to 30 to a maximum of 15 years to 60 years, based on the type of controlled substance you were caught with and the amount. This is a serious felony charge that is reserved for drug dealers, who also have armed assault to their names during the arrest. It is prudent to remember that both possession for personal use and possession with the intent to deliver are serious offenses as per Illinois law. Hence, you should have an experienced Chicago defense attorney who will ensure that the court also gets to hear your side of the story. That is why you should always work with a Chicago drug attorney who knows the procedures and is familiar with criminal cases and the court system in the jurisdiction. Get in touch with Goldman & Associates today to connect with a skilled, experienced and dedicated attorney, who can build your case and ensure you get the defense you deserve (it is your legal right) from the very beginning for the best possible outcome. You can reach us at 847-215-2600 or 773-484-3131.

Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer for Drug Prosecutions

The importance of hiring the right criminal defense attorney cannot be stressed enough. The defense strategy for drug cases has to be developed from the very beginning. Unlike other types of crimes in Illinois, drug cases require a criminal defense strategy focusing on the actual substance, rather than the actions of the accused. Our defense lawyer can provide you with a free consultation regarding your drug related arrest. The criminal defense defense lawyers at our law firm can provide an initial consultation at no cost to you. We have the experience to provide the best drug crime defense for you.

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