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Sex crime cases are different in many ways and require specific, proven defense strategies known by Chicago sex crime lawyers that know about these practice areas.

A sex crime can mean anything from Internet porn to prostitution to rape. There are many situations in which a person could be charged for sex crimes that warrant embarrassment, disgust, or prison. That is why anyone who faces any sex crimes charges needs to consult with a qualified Chicago sex crime attorney as soon as possible.

Sex offenses, especially those involving children, can cause more outrage and disapproval than other crimes. Those guilty of sex crimes often face a lifetime registration as a sex offender and will essentially carry the sex offender label with them for the rest of their life, no matter where they relocate. Sex Crime penalties in Illinois are more harsh than any other crime besides Murder. Illinois sex crime attorney Steven M. Goldman is an aggressive defense attorney who can help you.

Sex Offenses

In Cook County, the Chicago Police Department maintains and has daily updates on a list of sex offenders living in the city. If you want to book a consultation for a defense lawyer, to press charges against someone, or it is you charged with a sex crime, you will first need to know what are the most common sex crime charges and the penalties they imply.

Indecent exposure

Displaying intentionally one’s private parts in public is what classifies indecent exposure as a sexual assault. Law enforcement differs throughout the country but shares some common grounds.

Most of the time, the first conviction, when being charged with indecent exposure, subjects the offender to misdemeanor penalties such as a fine or a few months of jail. A second conviction will lead to a felony, while a third one can result in lifetime registration as a sex offender.


There are two types of sexual case solicitations in Chicago. These either can mean an indecent solicitation of an adult, solicitation of a child or solicitation of a sexual act.

A solicitation happens when someone arranges to commit an act of sexual penetration for an underaged person or when sexual conduct occurs with a child under age 13.


Such sexual accusations should always be treated seriously, and that is why you have to look for the right sex crimes lawyer or defense attorney in Chicago, Illinois. The city-based prostitution defense lawyers promise to go for an aggressive approach to criminal defense.

If offering someone money or other valuable items in exchange for a sexual act, you can be charged for a solicitation of a sexual act and can be punished by up to 30 years in prison for extremely serious felonies.

Regardless of the incidents surrounding your prostitution charges, you can book us for a consultation and craft the proper defense for you and your case.

Possession of Child Pornography

Child porn is known to be a form of child sexual exploitation, and once with the expansion of the internet, such cases are more often each day.

A photograph of a naked child can lead to illegal child pornography if considered sexually suggested. The production, possession, distribution, or reception of such photos are serious sex crime charges. Offenders can face fines and five years to 20 years maximum in prison.

Child Sex Trafficking  

Child sex trafficking includes transportation, provision, or recruitment of an underaged child for a commercial sex act. The penalties can vary for not less than ten years and even up to life.

What is Class X sex offender?

A class X sexual offense is the most common sex crimes in Chicago, IL. From fondling a child to having sexual intercourse with an underaged child or to rape, such conviction can destroy your family, career, or reputation.

Fondling a child

Inappropriate touch of a child is considered child molestation. If you experience a sex crime charge, you should immediately address it to a sex crimes attorney to provide your case the best chances there are.

Sexual contact with a minor

In many states, the charges for this type of case depends on whether the offender is older than the minor/victim by, for instance, three years. However, if a 21-year-old boy had sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend, this would be considered a sex offense.

Someone charged with such sexual assault can face penalties such as jail or undergo treatment. You can fill up our contact form and get your legal advice regarding any of these matters!

Sexual abuse, such as assault or battery

Assault and battery are mistakenly confused about being one another. However, there is a significant difference between these two offenses. The assault is a violent crime, while the battery is a criminal offense involving unlawful physical contact.

Sexual assault and Sex Offenders

If charged, your first move should be calling a trusted Chicago criminal defense attorney in Cook County. The attorney-client relationship is the common law of professional privilege, where information is confidential. Our practice areas in criminal defense could be your ticket to freedom!

Your case will always begin with an investigation and it will be to have your DNA taken. You will be fingerprinted, photographed, and interviewed.  

What Is a Sex Assault?

A sex offender regularly has committed one or more sex crimes. Most people are convicted for crimes of sexual nature, while others may have simply violated laws from this category. Some of the worst sex crimes offenses are rape, Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child, aggravated sexual abuse, assault, or incest.

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault / Rape (Statutory Rape or otherwise)

The aggravated sexual assault occurs when a person disfigured or wounds the victim, or the victim is physically or mentally incapacitated.

In Chicago, IL, rape and such sex offense can lead up to 15 years of prison. And that only happens if it is your first offense. Otherwise, you could spend your next 60 years in jail.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

Under Chicago laws, someone can be charged with a predatory criminal sexual assault if there has been any sexual penetration of a minor (12) or younger, by a person who was 17 years or older.

If found guilty or experience such charges, the offender will have to register as a sexual offender in the State of Illinois.

Sexual offender registration

A Chicago sex offender registry is a system designed to help the authorities and people within a city keep track and be aware of the actions of those who have committed sex crimes. This registry also includes the people who have completed their sentences, and you will need to register for ten years.

Once registered as a sex offender, there are not many chances that you will get off of the list. Moreover, your name will likely not be removed, even if you do not need to make the annual registration.

Knowing these problems that come with sex crimes, you need a sex crime defense lawyer who is willing to fight for you and can successfully help in the case of the prosecution.

If being investigated for a sex crime or already being arrested for one, you must talk with an experienced sex crime defense lawyer as soon as you can.

Before your arrest, you can maintain your right to an attorney, limit certain criminal charges, or even prevent charges from being brought against you.

A Chicago sex crime lawyer from Goldman & Associates will be there for you at your time of greatest need to defend you and protect your rights. Contact Goldman & Associates today at 847.215.2600 or 773.484.3131 to speak with an expert criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, IL. Follow us, call now or come to our office location. We can begin crafting a custom defense for your case.

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