Juvenile Crimes in Illinois

In many states across the country, including Illinois, when a minor under the age of 17 commits a crime, a juvenile crime has taken place. Juvenile courts are set up separately from the courts which process adult crimes. Penalties for crimes committed by minors are often less harsh than an adult court’s punishment for the same crime, but this is not always the case, as a minor’s age and the severity of their charges can often result in very severe penalties. If your child has been accused of a Chicago juvenile crime, it is essential to consult a Chicago criminal dense lawyer with experience handling these types of crimes.

Juvenile Crimes in Chicago

Not long ago, many crimes committed by minors were often written off as youthful folly and indiscretion, with amends and discipline being dealt with outside of the court. But in this day and age, these same indiscretions are met with juvenile crimes charges. Many parents know that their children often make foolish mistakes and are frequently subject to peer pressure and may make decisions they may not make if they were alone.

If your minor has been charged with committing a juvenile crime, an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney from Goldman & Associates is prepared to help you navigate the challenges ahead. Without proper representation from a tenacious Chicago juvenile crimes lawyer with demonstrated success with these cases, your child may be facing harsh penalties or even jail time.

Aggressive Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Chicago criminal defense lawyers at Goldman & Associates feel that anyone, be they adult or adolescent, should feel that their rights are being upheld and respected, even if they’ve been charged with a crime. When you select representation with a Chicago juvenile crimes lawyer, you can be assured your child will receive aggressive, experienced representation to preserve those rights.

While your child may have simply made a poor decision, the goal of the prosecution is to seek conviction. Depending on the gravity of the crime, they may even seek to have them tried as an adult. Any kind of conviction is undesirable, but your child being sentenced to jail time in an adult prison is not what your family wants or needs.

The Chicago juvenile crimes lawyers at Goldman & Associates can represent your child against juvenile crimes charges. For experienced juvenile crimes attorneys in Chicago IL, call 847.215.2600 and ask to speak with a Chicago juvenile crimes defense attorney today!

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