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When an individual poses no threat to the public and it has been determined that the crime is not serious enough to confine the individual to jail, a Chicago judge will sentence the individual to probation. The court will also determine whether or not the individual is the primary support in his or her family. If so, the person will likely be granted probation. If you are under probation and this probation is violated, you will need to seek the help of an experienced Chicago probation violations defense attorney.

Probation presents many advantages over jail time. However, in order to remain free the person under probation must comply with a set of stipulations. These stipulations depend on the nature of the offense and can include meetings with a probation officer, remaining employed, counseling sessions, court payments for fines and other fees, and in some cases blood and/or urine tests. If a probationer violates terms of probation by missing an appointment with the probation officer, not passing a drug test, missing work, or any other probation violations, they risk jail time. Consult a probation violation attorney in Chicago IL from Goldman & Associates if you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation.

A Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You With Probation Violations

If you have avoided jail time, you definitely do not want to risk it now by violating your probation, especially if it was nothing more than an honest mistake. The consequences for a probation violation can be quite serious. However, at Goldman & Associates our Chicago probation violation attorneys have years of experience handling probation violation cases in Chicago. We know that it is common for a person to miss an appointment, and this can happen with your probation officer even when you had a whole hearted intention to be there.  You are guaranteed to have a Chicago probation violations lawyer at your side who will defend you aggressively and work to protect your freedom and rights when you work with Goldman & Associates. We provide skilled and experienced criminal defense representation in a fervent effort to help you avoid jail time. We will work to answer all of your questions and concerns and make sure that you understand the defense we are crafting for your case. Our Chicago probation violations attorneys will work with the courts to get the previous probation conditions continued, or to establish new terms of probation and keep you out of jail. When you work with a Chicago probation violation lawyer from Goldman & Associates, you gain years of experienced from our high quality attorneys giving you the confidence you need in these trying times.

Protect Your Freedom with Goldman & Associates

Do not risk your freedom over a probation violation. Contact a skilled probation violations defense lawyer in Chicago from Goldman & Associates today. Schedule an evaluation of the violations you are being charged with and one of our Chicago probation violations attorneys will go over your case to help you make informed decisions.

You can rest assured that Goldman & Associates will be there for you as your Chicago probation violations lawyer to protect your rights and defend your case in you greatest time of need. Contact Goldman & Associates for the help you need by calling 847.215.2600 or 773.484.3131 today!

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