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It’s likely that no two charges are treated with more gravity than murder and manslaughter. The serious and often violent nature of the crimes is one reason. The harsh penalties that come with a conviction of these crimes are another. In both manslaughter and murder cases, the accused is charged with taking the life of another person. The distinction between the two crimes is that a murder is a premeditated killing. Manslaughter cases are those in which the accused party is held responsible for a non-intentional death.

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If you’ve been charged with murder in Chicago, it is of paramount importance that you seek the counsel of an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney with proven results. A conviction for murder in the first degree may result in the death penalty. Even lesser degree murder convictions will result in a lengthy prison sentence. The stakes couldn’t be higher. At the least, you can expect a murder conviction to result in loss of freedoms and time behind bars. At the worst, you may lose your life. This is why it is of grave importance to have a Chicago murder attorney on your side through this difficult time. At Goldman & Associates, we are well aware of the severity of your charge, and will employ all our knowledge, experience, and resources to investigate your case and provide an aggressive defense.

Knowledgeable Manslaughter Defense Attorneys in Chicago

While a manslaughter conviction doesn’t come attached with the possibility of the death penalty as one would expect from a first-degree murder conviction, the charge is one that can lead to a lengthy imprisonment. While manslaughter charges acknowledge that the victim’s life was not lost due to premeditation, the charge still assumes negligence or irresponsibility on your part that resulted in death. The prosecution will often seek to make an example of someone in these cases, which is not something you and your family want to see happen.

Aggressive Chicago Murder and Manslaughter Defense Lawyers

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