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You need to hire an aggressive Chicago assault and battery lawyer if you have been arrested. Assault and battery, though often confused as the same charge, are two different and separate counts in the court of law. Assault is described as a violent crime that causes another person to expect some sort of harm or bodily violence; it may be an attempt at harm or threatening action, but no physical contact is necessary. Battery is a more serious criminal offence, usually accompanied with assault charges. Battery results in either bodily injury or physical contact that is offensive to another.

Consequences for Battery Charges in Chicago IL

Battery in the United States is an unlawful application of force to another person that result in bodily injury or touching that is undesired by another. Battery must involve a forceful action that is unwanted by the other party who brought forth the charges.

Different types of  charges include:

In order to be convicted of battery there are basic elements that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Often charges of battery and assault cases especially, stories are fabricated by the victim bringing forth the charges. Because it is often difficult to find witnesses in these cases, the judge or jury needs to decide if the charges can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Defense for Assault and Battery Charges in Chicago IL

The Chicago assault and battery lawyers at Goldman & associates have years of experience and success defending those who face serious criminal charges including the charges of assault and battery. Your criminal defense attorney should be someone who is willing to listen to you and work with you in creating your defense. Our assault and battery defense lawyers in Chicago IL know what it takes to do everything possible to protect your rights, future and freedom. We bring all of our legal knowledge and experience to your case, providing you with the strongest possible defense in your case. No matter what the circumstances are in your battery case, acquiring a skilled and experienced Chicago battery defense attorney will provide you with the peace of mind you need in this time of uncertainty.

In your greatest time of need, don’t take chances! You need someone to stand by your side and defend your rights. Contact a Chicago assault and battery lawyer from Goldman & Associates, we are prepared to fight for you: 847.215.2600 or 773.484.3131.

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