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Robbery Charges

Robbery of womanMost of us played the popular children’s game Cops and Robbers on the playground as youth. However, facing a robbery charge as an adult in Chicago is not child’s play. It was easy to tell who was the cop and who was the robber when playing the game as a child, but in the adult world the lines may not be so clear. People can be unjustly charged with life-altering, serious consequences. If convicted, you face penalties including prison time, costly fines, or community service hours. Additionally, your reputation and record could be permanently tarnished. This criminal record will make the small things, like procuring a loan, getting accepted into college, and getting a job, extremely difficult.

Your reputation and freedom is on the line. Don’t leave your conviction up to chance. Take control of your situation and find the very best Chicago robbery defense lawyers available to you. Here at Goldman & Associates, we have years of experience defending clients from robbery charges on our side. Our Chicago robbery lawyers have the legal acumen and experience to aggressively defend you, your reputation, and your freedom.

An Aggressive Chicago Robbery Defense Lawyer You Can Count on

All of our clients at Goldman & Associates receive an aggressive defense. Regardless of the charges you are facing, a Chicago robbery defense lawyer from Goldman & Associates will work hard to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case. We will expose weaknesses in the evidence, and break down arguments that the prosecution intends to use. We will even call expert witnesses when necessary to ensure that you have the best defense possible against your Chicago robbery charge. We know how stressful these charges can be, and this is why our robbery defense attorneys in Chicago will work hard to answer every last question and concern that you may have so you can make informed decisions for this very important case.

When the stakes are this high, you do not want to put your defense at risk. This is why we guarantee that our Chicago robbery defense lawyers will leave no stone unturned when investigating weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, whether it be an unreliable witness testimony or unconstitutional law enforcement officers. Your Chicago robbery attorney will use every means available to aggressively pursue your defense and protect your freedom and rights.

Contact Goldman & Associates if you or a loved one is facing Chicago robbery charges. Our Chicago robbery lawyers will work tirelessly to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Call (847) 215-2600 or (773) 484-3131 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced Chicago robbery defense attorney.

Client Reviews
Mr. Goldman got my friend’s gun charges dismissed last week when it was found in his own damn car! I don’t know how he did it, nor do I care! He is the greatest! Drew C., Google Review
If anyone needs the best Chicago Criminal Lawyer, Steven is the guy! I have gone to him for help on so many occasions when friends or family were in trouble. He has never let us down. Tommy B., Google Review
Wanted to reach out and say thank you for a job well done. You were even better than the glowing reviews I heard about you. Stay safe my friend! Jaylin B., Google Review
Steven is best DUI attorney in Chicago, period! He not only beat my license suspension, but got my DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving. He told me he could have beat that too, however, I didn’t want to risk it! He is great and highly recommended!! Lewis H., Google Review