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Forgery is the action of foregoing or producing a false copy of a document, signature, banknote, or piece of work. The Illinois state law of forgery is based on the intent of deception. This crime requires the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had the intent to defraud or act with the specific intent of knowingly deceiving for the purpose of creating a financial loss to another individual.

If you have been charged with forgery, contact a Chicago attorney at Goldman & Associates for legal advice on your case. An experienced Illinois forgery attorney can ensure that you or your loved one has the proper representation to defend your legal rights.

Illinois State Law

Illinois, pursuant to 720 Ill. Comp. Stat. Ann 5/17-3, defines forgery as any person who with the intent to defraud makes a false document or alters any document to make it false and that document is apparently capable of defrauding another.

An individual commits forgery when he or she:

  • Alters or creates any “document apparently capable of defrauding another” in a format that makes it clear that it was made by another person who did not have the authority to create the document
  • Issues or deliver any false document, with the specific intent of knowing that it was altered or created to defraud another person
  • Is in possession, with the specific intent to deliver or issue, such document knowing that it was altered or created to defraud another person
  • Uses another individual’s digital signature unlawfully
  • Uses another person’s signature device, for example, a personal identification number or a uniquely designed physical device, to create an forged electronic signature

A document “apparent capable of defrauding another” can include a document that creates, transfers, alters, or terminates any right or power regarding any person or their property. The prosecution is required to prove that the document was false and capable of defrauding another in order to obtain a guilty verdict.

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