Penalties and Laws in Illinois for the Charge of Sexual Assault of a Child

It is not uncommon for sexual offense charges to be considered the most serious of all crimes. Beyond the stigma associated with an accusation, the reputation of someone accused is put on the line. Sex crime penalties in Illinois are severe. What’s more, a conviction follows the offender for life. This criminal record can affect future employment opportunities, and even limit where an offender can live.

If the charge is predatory sexual assault of a child, the prosecution’s case is likely even more aggressive. This is because children are involved.

Charged as a Class X felony, predatory criminal sexual assault occurs when sexual penetration occurs of a minor aged 12 or younger by an individual aged 17 or older. Under Illinois law, if a person is convicted of criminal sexual assault he or she must register as a sexual offender with the state.

What are the Penalties if Found Guilty?

Under Illinois law, predatory criminal sexual assault can carry a prison sentence between six and 30 years, if convicted. If a firearm was used to commit the act, the sentence can be increased by a term of 15, 20 or 50 years. If this is a second offense of criminal sexual assault, the accused can face life imprisonment. If more than one count is involved (i.e. assaulted the same victim multiple times), the prosecution can compound these charges. In addition to being armed during the commission of the act, penalties can be harsher if the accused (1) administered a drug or other substance to the victim without his or her consent or knowledge; (2) discharged the firearm during the course of the crime; or (3) acted in a manner as to inflict bodily injury that resulted in a permanent or life-threatening disability.

What if I’m Accused?

Criminal law is complex. This is because an accused’s rights are at stake. For this reason, an experienced criminal defense attorney should be contacted if you are ever facing a sex crime charge. These types of charges are sensitive in nature; obtaining a lawyer who understands the urgency of the defense and the seriousness of the consequences, if convicted, is imperative. Contact Steven Goldman, who has a proven track record defending sex crime cases in Illinois. Defend yourself and protect your future by contacting an experienced sex crime attorney today if facing charges by calling (773) 484-3131 or (847) 215-2600.

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