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Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney

Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney

When arrested, you need a Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney. Few experiences are as frightening as the sound of a jail cell door slamming shut following a DUI arrest or the feel of the cold steel of handcuffs on your wrists when you are arrested for a misdemeanor or felony.  Because officers with the Skokie Police Department and local prosecutors take pride in the city’s low crime rate, they are especially tenacious in pursuing criminal cases.  The Skokie crime rate for violent offenses is only 117.5 per 100,000 people, while the national average is 214 per 100,000.  This means that you can expect little empathy or understanding from law enforcement authorities or prosecutors because of their commitment to fostering the political advantages of appearing to be “tough on crime.”

While a criminal arrest has the potential to derail your life, an arrest does not mean that you have done anything illegal or that you will be convicted.  If you hire the Skokie criminal defense law firm of Goldman and Associates, you can trust our experienced Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney to meticulously investigate the facts.  This careful review of the facts enables us to craft persuasive defense strategies designed to prevent a blemish on your criminal record, keep you out of jail, and protect your career.

An accused has powerful constitutional rights that protect him or her from the almost limitless coercive power and resources of the government.  However, state and federal law enforcement authorities hope an arrestee’s naiveté, fear, and anxiety will result in a suspect failing to assert his or her constitutional rights.  Failure to exercise these rights typically amount to a fast track to jail or prison.

Whether you are arrested for a misdemeanor like a first-offense DUI or a felony like armed robbery, possession with intent to deliver, or murder, you should immediately assert your right against self-incrimination (right to remain silent) and right to have an attorney present before speaking with the police or answering questions (right to counsel).  Illinois jails and prisons are full of people who might be free today had they simply been unwavering in assert these rights from the moment of their initial contact with law enforcement.

Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney Who is Aggressive & Affordable

Many people assume that they do not need to hire a private Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyer.  These individuals might attempt to “clear things up” by talking to law enforcement authorities or see how things go with a court appointed attorney.  These strategies can backfire and lead to a criminal record, incarceration, substantial fines and other adverse consequences.  When you are arrested by an officer from the Skokie Police Department or another law enforcement authority, the officers and detective have no interest in determining the truth.  Their goal is to develop evidence to justify formal charges and support a criminal prosecution.  This is why you should never speak with law enforcement authorities without a top quality Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyer in your corner.

While court appointed lawyers usually are experienced and skilled, they often labor under the weight of staggering caseloads.  The limitation of financial resources available to public defenders mean that meetings might be rushed conferences in the hallways prior to court hearings.  The public defender also might urge you to accept an early plea bargain or forgo costly forensic testing because of funding limitations.  All of this presumes that you even qualify for a court-appointed attorney, which depends on strict financial means testing.  When your future, freedom, and reputation are in jeopardy, you cannot afford to roll the dice when selecting a Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney.

Skokie Criminal Lawyer Protecting Your Rights and Liberty

At Goldman and Associates, our Skokie Criminal Defense Attorneys have the experience, skill, and commitment to protect your constitutional rights and fight for your liberty.  When our law firm is retained at the pre-charge investigation phase of a criminal prosecution, we will closely scrutinize law enforcement procedures, identify violations of your constitutional rights, challenge witness veracity and reliability, and expose weaknesses in forensic evidence.  While we discuss and evaluate plea bargain offers with our clients, we know that the best plea negotiations occur when the prosecutor lacks confidence in the likelihood of his or her success at trial.

Our strategy is to promote this insecurity by aggressively asserting your rights while constructing the strongest defense strategies.  When we are retained at the pre-charge stage of a criminal prosecution, we might use weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and violations of your rights to discourage bringing formal charges, reduce the severity and/or number of charges, or seek diversion to protect your permanent record.

While the defense strategies our Skokie Criminal Defense Attorneys might employ will be customized to fit the facts and circumstances of your situation, some defenses that we might assert include:

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Skokie under Illinois Law

The penalties associated with a criminal conviction depend on the specific criminal offense, but potential punishments might include:

These formal penalties do not constitute the full spectrum of consequences of a criminal conviction in Illinois.  Our Skokie Criminal Defense Attorneys recognize that the impact of a misdemeanor or felony conviction can last a lifetime and include career limitations, adverse immigration consequences, restrictions on travel, disqualification for certain loans and financial aid, and other negative effects on academic aspirations.

These are just a few of the life-changing effects of a criminal conviction in Illinois. Our Skokie Criminal Defense Lawyers at Goldman and Associates offer a free consultation, so you should call us today at 773-484-3131 or 847-215-2600 to schedule your free consultation.  We can even come to you, so contact us to balance the scales of justice when facing state or federal charges.

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