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Although numerous people are arrested for DUI in Chicago every year, a DUI charge is not always easy to beat. Individuals who are convicted of DUI may face serious consequences, including license suspension, jail time, and costly fines. Even a first-time offender may be subjected to the disastrous consequences of a DUI. The best way to beat a drunk driving charge is by obtaining the services of a skilled Chicago DUI lawyer. The Law Office of Goldman & Associates has successfully represented numerous clients plagued with the threat of a DUI conviction. We can help in any number of situations and advise you of your rights.

As experienced Chicago DUI Lawyers, we understand that DUI conviction can have life-altering consequences in the life of any individual. The severity of your DUI offense can play a significant role in the penalties you will receive. This is especially true if you are found guilty of vehicular homicide or had children in the car at the time the offense took place. However, even a first-time offender can suffer severe consequences as a result of driving under the influence. Because a DUI may still appear on your record even if you avoided jail time, it is important to have a Chicago DUI attorney who will fight for your rights.

Police Reports and DUI

It is fairly common to be fearful of a police report if you have been charged of DUI. However, it is important to understand that the details of a police DUI report are not definitive of whether or not you may be convicted for DUI. A knowledgeable DUI attorney with numerous years of experience will know how to properly defend you regardless of what a police report says. In fact, courts have questioned the credibility presented on several police reports. It has also been shown that police officers often lack the knowledge and training in administering breathalyzer and other sobriety tests. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek the immediate legal help of a Chicago DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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