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 If you are arrested for a crime in Maywood, you need an affordable Maywood criminal lawyer. While the most immediate act you can take to protect your future is to refuse to talk to police officers or detectives, the most important might be to retain an experienced and unyielding Maywood Criminal Lawyer.  Specifically, he or she will protect your constitutional rights, expose illegal law enforcement tactics, and shield you from overzealous prosecutors.  To learn more about your legal rights and options, contact a Maywood Criminal Defense Lawyer today at 773-484-3131 or 847-215-2600.

High Crime Rates in Maywood Create Pressure for a Rush to Justice

There is a tendency to assume that false accusations of sexual molestation or domestic violence by a calculating spouse during a divorce or the mistaken identification of a person fleeing a burglary or home invasion only happens to others.  However, many people are arrested for crimes they did not commit.  The notoriously high crime rate in Maywood suggests that Maywood police officers are particularly aggressive about making an arrest.

The crime rate in Maywood for murders, rapes, thefts, arsons, robberies, auto thefts, burglaries, and assaults is 583.9 per 100,000 people, which significantly exceeds other cities in our vicinity.  Bellwood, which has the next closest crime rate, has a crime rate for these offenses of 419.7 per 100,000.  Further, the violent crime rate in Maywood is 275 percent higher than the national average.  These high crime rates impose significant pressure on law enforcement officers to rush an investigation and create an impression of effectiveness by arresting a suspect.  The high crime rates of Maywood also result in political pressure on prosecutors to overcharge cases and zealously pursue convictions even when the evidence is less than compelling.

Fierce Advocacy from Maywood Criminal Defense Law Firm – Goldman & Associates

The best way to avoid becoming a spoke in the wheel of the Maywood criminal justice system spinning out of control to compensate for a high crime rate is to retain a tenacious and experienced Maywood Criminal Defense Attorney.  Whether you are the subject of a criminal investigation or you have been arrested and charged, our criminal defense firm conducts a thorough investigation of forensic evidence, witness statements, and police procedure to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

During the pre-charge stage of your case, our Maywood Criminal Defense Lawyers will use this information, which might include evidence gleaned from forensic experts, to influence the prosecutor’s decision on whether to bring charges or the number and/or type of charges.  If we can persuade the prosecutor to accept diversion or to dismiss the charges, we can shield you from the ordeal of a criminal prosecution.

Our law firm is dedicated to earning a reputation as the leading criminal defense law firm in Maywood.  The foundation for our law firm’s reputation is based on our efforts to decimate the prosecutor’s case at every stage of the criminal proceeding.  Whether our Maywood Criminal Lawyers are challenging violations of your constitutional rights, improper or illegal police procedures, contaminated or carelessly handled evidence, or the dishonesty of police officers and other witnesses, we leave no stone unturned when seeking the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our defense tactics and strategies are premises on the unique facts, charges, and circumstance of our client’s criminal case, but examples of defenses we might employ include:

  • Attacking the sufficiency of the evidence to prove the charged criminal offense
  • Seeking suppression of incriminating statements or confessions obtained illegally
  • Moving for suppression of evidence based on unreasonable search and seizures under the 4th Amendment
  • Revealing a traffic stop was not based on sufficient evidence
  • Proving identifications in lineups or show ups are inaccurate
  • Challenging an arrest without probable cause
  • Exposing breaks in the chain of custody
  • Uncovering lab errors and contaminated lab tests
  • Demonstrating that witnesses are lying or misrepresenting the facts

Potentially Devastating Impact of a Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction

If you are charged with a criminal offense, a conviction can result in life-altering short-term and long-term consequences.  The penalties for a misdemeanor or felony include:

  • Misdemeanors: Under Illinois law, misdemeanors are defined as criminal offenses carrying a maximum sentence of a year in jail, usually without a minimum period of incarceration.  While the lowest level misdemeanor (Class A Misdemeanor) can result in a maximum jail term of thirty days and a maximum fine of $1,500, a Class C Misdemeanor can result in a conviction of up to a year in jail and a fine up to $2,500.  If you are convicted of a misdemeanor, you will have a criminal record and might face other penalties, including but not limited to probation, and mandatory participation in classes or counseling.
  • Felonies: Felonies in Illinois are offenses that involve exposure to more than a year in jail or prison, and can carry a penalty of many years, as well as substantial fines and other penalties. The lowest level felony is a Class 4 Felony, which carries a potential sentence of 1-3 years in an Illinois Penitentiary and a maximum fine up to $25,000.  The highest level felony (Class X Felony) carries a punishment of 6-30 years in a penitentiary and a maximum fine up to $25,000.  If you are facing charges of murder or you have prior criminal conviction, you can face even more serious penalties.

While these penalties might seem harsh, a Maywood Criminal Defense Lawyer at our law firm recognizes that our clients also need legal advice and protection from the other long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.  Depending on the facts, circumstances, and charges, other adverse consequences of a criminal conviction in Illinois might include:

  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Removal and/or permanent barrier to entry into the U.S. (non-citizens)
  • Disqualification for certain state occupational licenses
  • Denial of certain forms of student loans
  • Discovery and use by future employers and landlords
  • Potential ineligibility for professional licenses (lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc.)
  • Restrictions on travel and residential locations
  • Adverse impact on educational and career opportunities

Although this is far from an exhaustive list of the adverse consequences of a criminal conviction in Illinois, our law firm can guide you through the criminal justice process while protecting your legal rights and future. Our Maywood Criminal Defense Attorneys at Goldman & Associates offer a free consultation, so you should call us today at 773-484-3131 or 847-215-2600 to schedule your free consultation.  We can even come to you, so contact us to balance the scales of justice whether you are the target of an investigation or you have been arrested and charged by state or federal law enforcement agencies.

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