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Convictions for a type of kidnapping crime known as luring of a minor are taken very seriously by Illinois courts, and can be met with harsh punishment under Illinois law. If you have been accused of luring of a child in Illinois, you must secure representation by a local criminal defense lawyer immediately.

The basic definition of luring  of a child is when an adult contacts a child with the intent to lure them away from an approved location in order to commit an unlawful act. Luring of a child abduction involves many different elements. Specifically, the offender must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Knowingly contact or communicate electronically to a minor;
  • Know the minor is under 15 years of age; and
  • Intend to persuade, lure or transport the minor away from his or her home or another location for an unlawful purpose.
  • Not have express consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian;
  • Intend to avoid the express consent of the person’s parent or legal guardian;
  • After communicating with the child, commit any act in that would further their attempt to lure the child; and
  • Be a stranger to the parents or legal guardian of the minor.

The law lays out several defenses to luring of a minor, including that the accused reasonably believed that the minor was over 15 years old, or that the accused was helping the minor in an emergency.

Penalties for Luring of a Minor

A first offense will be considered a Class 4 felony. If convicted, an offender must undergo a sex offender evaluation prior to a sentence being imposed. If a prior conviction for a sex offense is found, the penalty will be increased to a Class 2 felony. Repeat offenses will be considered Class 3 felonies. If an offender is 18 or over, but still under age 21 when the alleged crime takes place, it will be considered a Class B misdemeanor. Repeat offenses will be considered Class 4 felonies. According to criminal attorney Steven Goldman, if you can prove you had no intent or no knowledge of the fact the person was a minor, or if you can prove the minor lied – you have may some defenses.

Any offender with a prior sex offense conviction who commits a second or subsequent offense will be charged with a Class 1 felony, and if convicted, must register as a sexual predator of children. A third or subsequent offense committed by someone with a prior conviction is a Class X felony.

Because of the potential for very a harsh sentence, if you have been charged with luring of a minors, seek the counsel of an experienced Chicago defense lawyer immediately. Goldman & Associates will fight to preserve your freedom and your reputation. Contact us now to make an appointment for a free consultation on your case..

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