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If you have been charged with any type of crime in Evanston, Illinois, you need to start protecting your rights and freedom right away by contacting an experienced Evanston criminal defense lawyer to work toward winning your case. Evanston is a city within in Cook County and is located approximately 12 miles north of the downtown Chicago area. Evanston has a total population of an estimated 75,750 permanent residents, according to data from 2013. With an estimated total area of about 7.8 square miles, Evanston has a population density of about 9,695 people per square mile.

This area has a strong reputation for having very low crime rates, and it takes this reputation very seriously in terms of trying to be as tough on all types of crime as possible. Even if you have not been charged with a violent crime or a felony in Evanston, you still must take the importance of defeating your charges very seriously because this city is known for taking a very tough stance on trying all types of criminal cases. For example, if  you received a DUI in Evanston, it is just as important to call an attorney you trust. This is not meant to discourage you about the possibility of winning your criminal case in Evanston because an experienced Evanston criminal attorney can work hard to make that happen for you. Even if you do not have a serious criminal history or have never been convicted of a crime in Illinois, you can still expect that the criminal justice system in Evanston will take an exceptionally tough approach to trying all types of criminal conduct. You must be ready to defend your rights right away.

All criminal cases in Evanston are sent to the the Skokie courthouse, which is the Second Municipal District Courthouse. The address for the Skokie courthouse is 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, Illinois 60077. When facing criminal charges in this courthouse, you should make sure that Evanston criminal defense attorney has a proven track record of winning cases like yours in this particular courthouse. That is one of the best reasons to speak with an Evanston criminal defense lawyer from the team at Goldman & Associates. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure that all of our cases receive the level of attention to detail that we would want for any family member.

Evanston Criminal Lawyer to Fight for You

It does not matter the nature of your criminal charges, you absolutely need to move quickly in building your criminal defense so that you can prevail at your trial or have the charges dropped in their entirety before you ever get to court. The longer you wait to work with a skilled Evanston defense attorney to build your best defense, the less likely you will be able to win your case or have your criminal charges dropped. This is why it is so important to move quickly in finding an experienced Evanston criminal defense lawyer that you can trust to fight aggressively on your behalf.

At Goldman & Associates, we definitely believe in taking the fight to the other side when it comes to winning our clients’ criminal cases in Evanston, Illinois. We aggressively review every detail of your criminal case to find every potential opportunity to have your charges thrown out or have key evidence excluded from your trial. This aggressive approach to all criminal defense cases is part of what has achieved so many successful results on behalf of literally thousands of clients during our 20 years of experience in protecting the rights of citizens in Illinois.

While other criminal defense firms may be content to sit back and wait to prepare for trial, we are fighting every step of the way for any opening to win your criminal case in Evanston, Illinois. We know how important it is for you to get back to your regular life with your family after being charged with a crime in Evanston, Illinois. This is why we go above and beyond to put you at ease with handling every aspect of your case preparation. There is simply no reason to wait until the last minute to try to make the most of your situation or to get the outcome of your case to go your way. This is definitely not the time to sit back and hope for the best. The best results in criminal trials are achieved through thorough preparation and a willingness to fight aggressively for every detail of the case. We are proud of our reputation in Evanston, Illinois for being the firm that works diligently to get the very best results for our clients.

The Impact of a Criminal Conviction on the Rest of Your Life

Even if you are able to get some of your charges dropped or minimized, you may need to come to terms with the potential effects of a criminal conviction in Evanston, Illinois. Beyond simply serving prison time, this could mean plenty of hefty fines and penalties that could almost bankrupt you and your family. This is certainly not a situation that anyone would want to deal with, but if you find yourself in that spot, then you cannot sit back and stay frustrated. The time to act is now.

Along with any criminal penalties you may face, some crimes in Evanston, Illinois also allow for some form of associated civil or administrative penalty. Often times, these penalties can be just as stiff as the criminal consequences for an offense in Evanston, Illinois. One of the many benefits of working with an experienced Evanston criminal attorney is that they will understand all of the consequences that a conviction for your criminal charge will entail. In addition to fighting for your criminal charges to be dropped, you need to pay close attention to the civil or administrative consequences of your offense so that you do not jeopardize your best possible outcomes.

At Goldman & Associates, we never drop the ball when it comes to dealing with the ancillary consequences of a criminal charge in Illinois. The stakes are simply to high for our clients for us to operate any other way. We understand the cost and burden that all of this takes on your family, so we do everything in our power to protect all of your rights and make the entire process as easy and stress free as possible for you and your family. A public defender may not be able to help you with these aspects of your case and may be too overburdened with time and resource constraints to take the time to explain to you how you need to proceed outside of the strictly criminal elements of your case. This is where an experienced Evanston criminal defense lawyer makes the real difference in piecing your life together after being charged with a crime in Evanston.

Call the Skilled and Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Team at Goldman & Associates Today

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime in the Evanston area, you need to seek out competent counsel right away to make sure that your rights and freedom are protected. Your first phone call should be to the dedicated criminal defense team at Goldman & Associates so that we can get started on developing a winning strategy for your criminal case right away. Goldman & Associates is known for providing quality criminal defense services throughout Illinois at reasonable rates.

When you work with the talented criminal defense team at at Goldman & Associates, you can expect extremely responsive service for any inquiry you may have. Our attorneys are ready to answer any of your questions about your criminal case and make it a top priority to return all client messages as quickly as possible. You will never feel out of the loop when you work with the dedicated Evanston criminal defense attorneys at at Goldman & Associates.

To speak with our Evanston criminal attorneys about your criminal charges, call us right away at (773) 484-3131. A representative from Goldman & Associates is available on a 24/7 basis to speak with you about your criminal case. The first consultation with Goldman & Associates is always free, and we take great pride in offering affordable and effective representation for any client facing criminal charges.

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