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A criminal battery charge in Evanston, Illinois is a very serious offense that should be handled immediately with the help of an experienced and skilled Evanston battery attorney so that you can defend your freedom and ultimately win your case. Evanston, Illinois is a city that is located in Cooke County and is about 12 miles north of the downtown Chicago area. Evanston, Illinois has a total population of about 75,750 permanent residents as of a survey from 2013 and a total area of about 7.8 square miles. The approximate population density of Evanston, Illinois is about 9,695 residents per square mile.

Overall crime statistics for Evanston, Illinois are much lower than the national average for all types of property and violent crimes. When it comes to violent crimes, Evanston, Illinois has an even lower rate than the U.S. or the state of Illinois. What this means for someone facing a charge for a battery offense in Evanston, Illinois is that you need to be proactive and diligent in your preparation to win your case. If you have skilled and dedicated Evanston battery attorneys from Goldman & Associates on your side, you can rest assured that your battery case is being handled in an aggressive and attentive way. The legal team at Goldman & Associates understands the reputation of Evanston, Illinois for being tough on crime and does not take any chances in making sure that every aspect of your battery case is being handled the way it needs to be so that you can win at trial or have the charges thrown out all together right from the get go.

Trust an Evanston Battery Attorney with a Track Record of Success

All criminal battery cases in Evanston, Illinois are handled at the Skokie courthouse, which is the Second Municipal District Courthouse. The Skokie courthouse is located at 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, Illinois 60077. When you or a loved one are facing serious criminal charges for a battery offense at the Skokie courthouse, the most effective attorney for your case will have extensive experience in successfully defending and winning other battery cases in the same city. This is why so many clients trust the experienced Evanston battery attorneys at Goldman & Associates to handle every part of their criminal case.

At Goldman & Associates, you get a criminal defense team with more than 17 years of defending the rights of citizens in Evanston, Illinois in all types of criminal cases. We have more than 7,000 clients with successful outcomes to our name, which does not happen by luck or accident. It is our willingness to take the extra step in handling every small detail of our clients’ criminal cases in Evanston, Illinois that makes the difference in getting countless criminal charges dropped and keeping our clients out of prison and with their loved ones.

The Law in Illinois on Battery

A battery charge under Illinois law is explained in the Illinois criminal code at 720 ILCS 5/12-3. Basically, a charge of battery involves a bodily harm or insult to another person by any means. It is possible to still be charged with the crime of battery even if you never physically touched another person. For instance, if you throw an object at another person you can still be charged with battery even though it only slightly touched the other person. Many times, a battery charge will involve some sort of physical altercation, such as a fight. The act of simply pushing someone in starting a fight is considered battery under Illinois law.

Criminal Penalties for a Battery Conviction in Evanston, Illinois

The criminal offense of battery is classified as a Class A misdemeanor under Illinois law. This means you could face a sentence of up to one year in jail if you are convicted of battery in Evanston, Illinois. In addition, you may max a maximum fine of $2,500. It is possible to get a sentence of probation instead of having to serve jail time depending on the circumstances of your particular case. There is also the possibility of being able to perform community service hours and attend a court approved counseling program as part of a probation sentence to avoid serving jail time. The injuries sustained by the victim will likely factor into the severity of the punishment for a conviction of battery in Evanston, Illinois.

Possible Defenses to a Battery Charge in Evanston, Illinois

It is possible to raise various defenses for fighting a battery charge in Evanston, Illinois. If you are charged with battery in Evanston, Illinois, you may be able to get a not guilty verdict or have the charges dropped if you can show that you were defending yourself, another person or your own property. All of these defenses are considered affirmative defenses under Illinois law, which means that the defendant must be able to show that his defense is true. This is done by relying on witness testimony, video surveillance and photographs. An experienced Evanston battery attorney will be able to walk you through all of the details of the battery incident at hand to find out if any of these affirmative defenses can apply to your case and be proven in court.

At this point, the burden is on the prosecution to show that the defense was not true beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a tough burden for the prosecution to meet, so it is possible to be able to win your case on any one of these defenses alone. Also, if you can show that you were acting in self-defense, you could also achieve a not guilty verdict or acquittal in your criminal case. This means that you reasonably believed that you had to use force to defend yourself from the unlawful use of force by another person. Even if you were the one to strike or hit first in a self-defense situation, you are still able to use this defense against your battery charge to have it thrown out.

To find out what defenses are available to you in fighting your battery charge in Evanston, Illinois, it is best to speak with a trusted Evanston battery attorney as soon as possible. Firming up the details of your case and lining up potential witnesses is absolutely critical in presenting the best defense against your battery charges as possible.

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