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Counterfeiting  occurs when goods or services are produced that appear to be important and from a legitimate source, yet are in fact made by individuals who are trying to make an unauthorized product with the goal to deceive or defraud. The crime can include creating false documents and goods, similar to forgery, and altering legitimate source goods or services to make them fake. You should contact a Counterfeiting Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois who has experience with charges like this.

A skilled and well-prepared Illinois defense attorney will be able to provide you with legal guidance in navigating how to properly handle your case if you are facing criminal charges for counterfeit. Contact a Chicago attorney at Goldman & Associates who will dedicate the resources and time necessary to properly defend and protect your legal rights.

Counterfeit Crime

Counterfeit can be a state and federal crime. Counterfeit goods or services can be trafficked interstate or be an international business, which will be considered a crime regulated by the United States federal government. The authority to punish criminals belongs exclusively to Congress.

Counterfeit laws are not limited to currency. Laws can prohibit the counterfeit of:

  • Documents issued by credit companies;
  • Bonds;
  • Contracts;
  • Proposals;
  • Affidavits;
  • Documents pertaining to importing items from outside the United States;
  • Federal documents; and
  • United States postal stamps.

Punishment if Found Guilty

If you are charged with forgery or counterfeit against the United States, you can face up to 20 years.

Defense to Counterfeit Crime

An individual who is charged with counterfeit can argue the possible defense of:

  • Lack of specific intent to defraud the government; or
  • That the goods or services do not satisfy the standard of constituting a counterfeit.

An individual may be innocent of counterfeit if the imitation of a legitimate source is so poor that it would not trick a reasonable person into genuinely thinking it was an authentic good or service.

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