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Rolling Meadows DUI Lawyer

Rolling Meadows DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, our aggressive Rolling Meadows DUI lawyer can help you understand the charges you are facing and can help you to minimize the impact these charges have on your life.

It is important that you contact a Rolling Meadows DUI lawyer from our office immediately to explain your rights and how we can help you beat your case.

Experienced Rolling Meadows DUI Lawyer

You might be surprised to learn that many Rolling Meadows DUI arrests actually occur as a result of a stop that was not alcohol related. It goes without saying that if you’ve had too much to drink, you should not get behind the wheel of a car for any reason. With that said, one of the best ways to avoid a DUI arrest and subsequent charge is to make sure that you are following all of the rules of the road while you are driving. At Goldman & Associates our Rolling Meadows DUI attorneys have seen DUI arrests as a result of a number of different situations including:

Obviously all of these recommendations are just really tips for safe driving and avoiding tickets in general but they are important to keep in mind for avoiding DUIs in Rolling Meadows and throughout Illinois.

Deciding to Submit to a Breath or Blood Test during a Rolling Meadows DUI

If you’ve been stopped for a traffic infraction or suspicion of driving under the influence, you may be asked to submit to a breath test to measure the level of alcohol in your system. In Rolling Meadows and throughout Illinois, if you are driving you have given implied consent to submit to a blood, breath or urine test if you are stopped and the police officer has probable cause to believe that you are driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Although by driving in Illinois you have given your implied consent to submit to one or more of these tests, you do have a legal right to decline to be tested. With that said, if you do refuse a test, there are specific legal consequences for that choice. 625 ILCS 5/6-208.1 lays out the consequences for refusing to submit to chemical testing for blood alcohol content (BAC). In Rolling Meadows and throughout Illinois, if you have not had a prior DUI in the past 5 years and refuse to submit to chemical testing, your driving privileges will be automatically suspended for 12 months. If you have had a prior DUI in the last 5 years, your license will be suspended for 36 months.

What is interesting is that failing the chemical test will only result in a 6 month suspension for first time offenders. So, depending on your situation it may make sense to submit to the testing. However, it is important to remember that those test result will also be used in the court case against you and may result in additional penalties beyond the initial suspension of your license.

Regardless of whether or not you decided to submit to chemical testing, our Rolling Meadows DUI Attorney can help you understand the impact of your choices and can help you weigh your choices moving forward. We offer free initial consultations and will work with you to protect your good name and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call us now.

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