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Defending You When You Have Warrants

Typically warrants are issued by a judge for one of two reasons: either to arrest someone suspected of a crime or to search a suspect’s property (usually a home, vehicle, office desk) in order to obtain evidence. For a judge to issue a warrant, just cause is required. If a warrant has already been issued for your arrest or to search your property, you stand in need of quality a warrant defense attorney in Chicago, IL.

When a warrant is issued, it is an indication that there is a good chance you are going to be charged with a crime. In most cases, one of the best defenses is preparedness, so if you think that you are under suspicion for a crime and that there is a possibility that you will be arrested and charged, the sooner you speak with a Chicago warrant defense attorney, the better your chances of developing a strong and viable defense.

At Goldman & Associates, we have extensive experience in working with clients who have warrant hearings pending or who have already been the subject of a warrant hearing. Whatever the nature of the suspicions against you, or if you’ve already been charged with a criminal offense, our years of defending against criminal charges in Chicago have resulted in a track record of success. When you are being sentenced to prison is not the time to find out that you needed a stronger, more experienced, more aggressive defense team at your side. The time to pursue that kind of quality defense is right now, while warrants are still being obtained and your Chicago warrant lawyer from Goldman & Associates can begin the investigative and analytical work necessary to proactively build the strongest defense possible.

We know that the prospect of a criminal charge can be frightening. We also understand that you may be experiencing an incredible temptation to just ignore the situation in the hopes that it will go away. A Chicago warrant lawyer from Goldman & Associates will be there for you at your time of greatest needs to defend you and protect your rights. Contact Goldman & Associates today at 847.215.2600 or 773.484.3131 to speak with an expert Chicago warrant lawyer. Call now so we can begin crafting a custom defense for your case.

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