What Happens if I get Caught With Steroids in Illinois?

In today’s culture there is unprecedented pressure for young men to adhere to an unnatural standard of attractiveness.  Society tells us the bigger and stronger you are, the more respect you command.  However untrue this notion may be, it lends suggestion to why use of anabolic steroids in young Illinois men has risen in the past decade.  Anabolic steroids are bought and sold on the streets like any other illegal drug and like any other illegal drug, you will be prosecuted if caught possessing them without a valid medical prescription.

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act expressly states, “Anabolic Steroids means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone.”  The Act then continues to enumerate fifty-seven different types of steroid compounds by there scientific properties.  The fifty-seven chemicals are so complicated, unless you are fluent in organic chemistry or have a working knowledge of chemical compounds; you might not know that you are administering an illegal substance.  Furthermore, the Illinois legislature has explicitly targeted young men; “The use of anabolic steroids for the purpose of hormonal manipulation that is intended to increase muscle mass, strength or weight without a medical necessity to do so, or for the intended purpose of improving physical appearance or performance in any form of exercise, sport, or game, is not a valid medical purpose or in the course of professional practice.”

What is the penalty for violating the Act?

Like most substance regulation laws, Illinois enforces this Act by determining how detrimental the substance or use is to the general public welfare of the state.  In the context of illegal anabolic steroids, the legislation has included an important factor for the sentencing court to determine when finalizing its ruling.  If the person charged with distributing, selling, or possessing anabolic steroids is an athletic trainer, coach, or health club personnel the penalty for violating the act may be more severe.  Another factor considered by the sentencing court is the amount of anabolic steroids possessed by the person charged.  Unsurprisingly, the more you are found to have, the stricter the penalty.

The U.S. government and local law enforcement are cracking down on the illegal distribution and use of anabolic steroids.  With the widespread use by professional and amateur athletes alike, law enforcement officials are grouping anabolic steroids with other, more hardcore substances, like heroin and cocaine.  If you have been charged with any crime related to the use or possession of illegal substances in Illinois, you need to immediately contact a qualified Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney.

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