Off-Duty Chicago Officer Fends Off Attempted Rapist, Chicago Craigslist Rapist Charged with Sixth Crime

This week an off-duty police officer faced a harrowing ordeal when a man attempted to rape her on Thursday afternoon. reports that the police officer was taking a jog in the neighborhood of Sauganash, when a man on a bicycle confronted her and attempted to sexually assault her. The off-duty officer fought back, and the man fled the scene. The off-duty officer went to the nearby hospital for minor injuries.

The attempted sexual assault against the off-duty officer highlights the numerous sexual felony crimes that occur in Chicago every week. One high-profile story specifically received attention this week when prosecutors filed new charges against an accused rapist. According to the Chicago Tribune, the accused, 45-year-old Charles Oliver, had used Craigslist to meet women, and then allegedly took them to his home and threatened violence against them if they did not do as he demanded. The women report various violent acts, such as being locked in a basement or tied to a chair. Some women report that Mr. Oliver threatened to expose them as prostitutes, and others claim that he recorded video of them engaged in sexual acts. The newest charge stems from a woman who Mr. Oliver allegedly sexually assaulted, and then contacted her mother. Mr. Oliver allegedly threatened to assault the woman against through her mother, and threatened to assault the mother’s other daughter.

Mr. Oliver now faces multiple charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault. The sixth charge carries a $500,000 bond, which now brings Mr. Oliver’s total bond to a whopping $3.5 million dollars. The report also notes that Mr. Oliver has a history of violence and abuse against women.

While Mr. Oliver’s fate is still to be determined, it is important to understand the laws relating to aggravated criminal sexual assault. Under Illinois criminal law 720 ILCS 5/12-14, chapter 38, paragraphs 12-14, aggravated criminal sexual assault is a very serious crime. A person commits aggravated criminal sexual assault when he or she commits criminal sexual assault (sexual penetration under force of threat of force or under other circumstances) and there are aggravating factors present. Aggravating factors that will bring a criminal sexual assault to the aggravated criminal sexual assault threshold include: (1) the use, display, or threat of use of a dangerous weapon; (2) the use of bodily harm; (3) threats to endanger the life of the victim or another person; (4) the assault took place during the commission or attempted commission of another felony; (5) the victim was over 60 year-old; (6) the victim was physically handicapped; or (8) drugs were given to the victim. There are also other aggravating factors, and this list in not exhaustive.

An aggravated criminal sexual assault conviction may result in a Class X felony conviction, and the imposition of additional years of jail time added to the convict’s term. The range, depending on the aggravating factor, can be from 10 years to 25 years to a term of natural life imprisonment.

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