First of Three Illinois Men Pleads Guilty to Felony Crimes for 2011 Sexual Assault and Robbery

Being a teenager is often an exciting time. It is not uncommon for teens to get into mischief while exploring their new freedoms and independence from their parents. However, sometimes teens can go too far and can end up with charges for serious felony crimes. Teen against teen violence, including robbery, rape, and other serious felonies are seriously prosecuted in Illinois, even when the accused perpetrators are young high school students.

A tragic 2011 case of teen-against-teen violence made headlines earlier this fall when one of the perpetrators pled guilty for his role in the crime. According to the Sun Times, on New Year’s Eve of 2011 an 18-year-old high school student of Chicago’s Highland Park High School was denied entry into a club where she was trying to see a concert. The teen did not have identification with her, and witnesses saw her sitting outside of the club alone, and then chatting with a group of young men. It appears that sometime later the victim and a group of young men met at a restaurant in Logan Square.

The victim was helped out of the restaurant by the men, and then two of them proceeded to fondle her against a fence. One of the men suggested that they move to a more private location. The men took turns carrying the victim, who began to bleed. One of the men threw the victim in a bush, and then another picked her up and carried her to another location. At that location, two of the men raped the victim. She was later found naked, beaten, and unconscious on someone’s lawn. It appears that the men also stole two rings from the victim’s fingers, and between $70 and $90 cash.

Three teenagers were eventually charged with the crimes against the young female, and one of them pled guilty to criminal sexual abuse and robbery on or around September 30 of this year. Aanwar Barbour was sentenced to six years in prison for the robbery of the rings and cash from the victim, and three years in prison for the sexual assault. While the sentences will run currently, Mr. Barbour will received credit for 569 days that he has already served in jail since his arrest.

 Illinois Law

720 ILCS 5/11-1.50 defines the crime of criminal sexual abuse in Illinois. Under that statute, a person commits criminal sexual abuse if he or she commits an act of sexual conduct by force or threat of force, or commits an act of sexual conduct when he or she knows that the victim cannot understand the nature of the act or give consent to it.

There are several provisions under the law in which criminal sexual abuse is a Class A misdemeanor, but the acts described above result in a Class 4 felony. Additionally, if a person has a prior conviction of aggravated sexual abuse, or a similar crime, the subsequent offense is a Class 2 felony.

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