Consequences of Sex Crimes in Illinois

Criminal charges always come with potentially serious penalties. Criminal consequences can vary widely, depending on many factors, including the severity of the charge, your past criminal record, and more. In general, however, consequences you face may include jail time, fines, probation, and several additional collateral consequences. Collateral consequences are penalties imposed by Illinois state law, not by a judge or jury, and they may include the inability to vote, loss of certain professional licenses, deportation, loss of public benefits or housing, or disqualification for federal student loans. Sexual offenses in Illinois are no different from any other type of crime—charges mean you may face both direct and collateral consequences that may have a serious effect on your life.

Sex offenses in Illinois may be charged as misdemeanors all the way up to a Class X felony for offenses such as aggravated or predatory criminal sexual assault. Class X felony convictions mean 6-30 years of mandatory prison time. Even for lesser felony offenses you may spend time in jail. For misdemeanor offenses, you will likely have to spend time on probation, which can also impact your rights and freedom and may be expensive.

Sex Offender Registry

In addition to jail time or probation, the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act requires that some people register with the state sex offender registry. The Sex Offender Registration Act will apply to anyone convicted of the following offenses:

  •         Criminal sexual abuse
  •         Aggravated criminal sexual abuse
  •         Criminal sexual assault
  •         Aggravated criminal sexual assault
  •         Predatory criminal sexual assault of a child
  •         Child pornography
  •         Aggravated child pornography
  •         Indecent solicitation of a child
  •         Sexual exploitation of a child
  •         Custodial sexual misconduct
  •         Sexual misconduct with a person with a disability
  •         Promoting juvenile prostitution
  •         Soliciting for a juvenile prostitute
  •         Patronizing a juvenile prostitute
  •         Keeping a place of juvenile prostitution
  •         Juvenile pimping
  •         Exploitation of a child
  •         Grooming
  •         Traveling to meet a minor

The Act may also apply to people convicted of other charges depending on the specific circumstances of their cases. Because sex offender registry is mandated by Illinois statute, it is considered to be a collateral consequence.

The state sex offender registry is available to the public on the Internet, and people may search for offenders by name, address, or even general neighborhood. If you are registered, the website will list personal information including your name, age, photograph, address, physical description, address of your employment, past sexually-related convictions, and more. This means that your friends, family, neighbors, employers, or potential employers will all have access to this information. Many people are required to register for the rest of their lives, so you can imagine the long-lasting negative effects sex offender registration may have on a person’s personal and professional reputation.

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