Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) – NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL

Client was stopped by Evanston Police Department after running through a solid red light. Client admitted to drinking, smelled like alcohol, had his pants unzipped, had slurred speech and bloodshot glassy eyes. Officer had him perform field sobriety tests in which he failed all tests. The officer then had him blow into a portable breath test which disclosed a .159 breath result. He was arrested for DUI and taken to the Evanston Police Department. At the station, he blew a .145 in the breath machine. Since this was my client’s 2nd DUI, my client faced mandatory jail so I had to fight this case and go to trial. During cross examination, I showed that the officer gave the field sobriety test incorrectly and therefore they were not valid. The Judge then found my client not guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.