Attempted Murder, Unlawful Restraint, and Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon – Not Guilty on All Counts

Defendant and 2 other co-defendants were accused of going to another females house in the middle of the night and shouting outside her apartment. They were threatening to kills her and demanded that she come outside. The victim called 911 and then came out to tell them to stop screaming. When the victim stepped outside her door, one of the offenders stabbed her numerous times with a 5 inch knife while my client and the other offender held her down and punched her. While the stabbing and beating continued the offenders kept yelling “we are going to kill you.” All offenders eventually ran from the scene when they heard police sirens in the background. During trial, I vigorously cross examined the victim and the investigating detective. I showed the judge how the victim’s statements to the officer differed from her testimony in court. The judge agreed with my arguments and found my client not guilty on all charges. After a year and a half in custody awaiting trial, she was released that day as a free woman!