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Tag: polygraph

Police Deceit Works Again in Illinois

Facts Isaac Jaimes was on trial Wednesday, July 24, for 1st degree murder in Winnebago County.  Isaac is the brother of known Latin King gang member Ricardo Jaimes.  Police detectives elicited a confession from Isaac when he was questioned in relation to the May 2010 killing of sixteen-year-old DeMarkis Robinson.  Mr. Robinson was shot to death with a (Read More)

What Do I Do If Asked to Take a Polygraph Test in Illinois?

Police will use a variety of techniques in an effort to elicit the “truth” from a witness or suspect in regard to the commission of a crime.  One instrument often used-and heavily relied upon by police- is the polygraph examination or lie detector test.  A polygraph instrument is basically a combination of medical devices that are used (Read More)

How common are false confessions?

Last month, the Chicago Tribune reported on the use of polygraph examinations by the Chicago Police Department to get false confessions.  This shocking article tells of police tactics to intimidate and coerce false confessions by using a polygraph as a threat or claiming that the suspect failed.  Even more alarming are the signs that police do not (Read More)