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Tag: police questioning

Wrongful Police Interrogation

Most people ask themselves, “If he didn’t do it, then why did he say he did?”  Before I went to law school, I had the same sentiment.  However, that changed when I was confronted with an overwhelming amount of cases where people confessed to a murder they did not commit and were later found innocent by way (Read More)

Police Deceit Works Again in Illinois

Facts Isaac Jaimes was on trial Wednesday, July 24, for 1st degree murder in Winnebago County.  Isaac is the brother of known Latin King gang member Ricardo Jaimes.  Police detectives elicited a confession from Isaac when he was questioned in relation to the May 2010 killing of sixteen-year-old DeMarkis Robinson.  Mr. Robinson was shot to death with a (Read More)

Can the Police Lie to You in Illinois?

The Courts of the United States have held over and over again that police may use trickery in order to obtain information from a suspect or witness.  The seminal case approving deceptive tactics while interrogating a suspect is Frazier v. Cupp.  In Frazier, a 20-year old marine- Frazier – was told by police that his cousin (Read More)

What Should I do When Pulled Over for DUI in Illinois?

When the officer questions you When stopped for a traffic violation or suspicion of driving while intoxicated the officer will no doubt- upon first encounter with the driver- use his judgment to determine whether or not he is going to pursue questioning that involves whether or not the operator of the vehicle has been consuming (Read More)