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Man Faces Murder, Weapons Charges for Shooting Death of 19-year-old Woman

The shooting death of a 19-year-old Detroit woman has sparked outrage across the country, and has raised questions as to whether the shooting was racially motivated. While the media and the public speculate as to whether the killing of Renisha McBride was similar to the high-profile killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the homeowner who (Read More)

Woman Stands Trial for First Degree Murder for Alleged Shooting of Veteran Chicago Police Officer

First degree murder is likely the most serious felony crime that a person can commit, and accordingly brings with it the most severe penalties and consequences.  The first-degree murder law can be found at 720 ILCS 5/9-1. First degree murder, unlike second-degree murder or manslaughter, requires a finding that the offender either intended to kill the (Read More)

Mother and Fiancee Face Charges for Serious Felony Crimes in Connection with Death of 5-year-old Son

On Sunday, September 29, police officers from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to a tragic call regarding an unresponsive child. According to The Edwardsville Intelligencer, the call would later lead to charges for felony crimes in relation to the death of a young boy at the hands of his mother’s fiancée. 24-year-old Tavon K. (Read More)