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Man Faces Murder, Weapons Charges for Shooting Death of 19-year-old Woman

The shooting death of a 19-year-old Detroit woman has sparked outrage across the country, and has raised questions as to whether the shooting was racially motivated. While the media and the public speculate as to whether the killing of Renisha McBride was similar to the high-profile killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the homeowner who (Read More)

Weapons Charges Take Center Stage in Illinois News as Lawmakers Consider Firearms Legislation

Several news stories regarding weapons charges in Illinois have popped up in the last week, highlighting both the conduct of offenders and the activities of lawmakers to crack down on gun-related crime. While lawmakers contemplate establishing harsher sentences for gun-law violators, an Illinois student faces serious charges for gun-related felony crimes. According to abclocal.go.com, a (Read More)

Two Chicago Men Face Charges for Felony Crimes After Threatening 73-Year-Old Priest

Felony crimes can be committed in an endless number of scenarios. Drug crimes, violent crimes, sexual crimes, and property theft crimes all seem like the typical felony crimes that grace the pages of the newspaper and internet news sites each day. Sometimes, however, reporters catch news stories that involve lesser known crimes that are still (Read More)

Chicago Man Faces Aggravated DUI Charges after Allegedly Injuring Nine People in Accident

Drunk driving charges can seriously impact a person’s life professionally, socially, and financially.  DUI charges can become even more serious when a drunk driving accident has resulted in the injury or death of another person. While not all drunk driving accidents result in vehicular homicide charges, they can lead to jail time, penalties, and other (Read More)

Chicago Bears Fan Faces Weapons Charges after Allegedly Tasering Wife Pursuant to Bet

When football season heats up things can sometimes get a little out of hand, but it is a rare case that a little bit of team rivalry ends in weapons charges. Though it may seem more innocent than a violent crime or drug crime, possessing a Taser, or other such weapon, may wind up costing (Read More)

Chicago Nightclub Owner Faces Serious Felony Charges after Allegedly Burning Down Club to Cash in on Insurance Policy

The age-old story of the man or woman who tried to cash in on a hefty insurance policy by committing arson and burning down his or her own home is likely familiar to many Americans. That story, however, is not just made-for-T.V., but a real life reality for some people. It’s probably no secret, however, (Read More)

Illinois Man Faces Serious Felony Charges in Relation to Alleged Hate Crime against Mail Carrier

Hate crimes are likely among the felony crimes that are the least accepted by society in general. The law reflects society’s condemnation of discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics by protecting these characteristics and making violent acts of discrimination illegal. Some of the characteristics that are protected by law are race, religion, cultural background, (Read More)

Coal City Man Faces Carjacking Sentence after Going on the Run

Going on the run after being charged with felony crimes and posting up a bond for bail is never a good idea. While some people may think they can escape the long arm of the law by simply disappearing, what they fail to realize is that in some circumstances they can be tried and convicted (Read More)

Man Faces Sex Crimes Charge after Meeting with 12-Year-Old from Internet Dating Site

The internet makes almost everything easier, faster, and more convenient than ever, including dating. However, meeting up and having sex with a person from a dating site may lead to charges for felony crimes if that person is under a certain age. In the digital age it is sometimes difficult to determine how old a (Read More)