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Chicago Tour Bus Driver Sentenced to 34 Years For Aggravated DUI, Felony Convictions

Drinking alcohol and driving don’t mix well, and neither do DUI charges and other felony crimes. A Chicago man learned this this hard way this week after being sentenced to 34 years in prison for drunk driving which resulted in the death of a young woman and unrelated sexual assault charges. The Chicago Tribune reports (Read More)

Two Chicago Men Face Charges for Felony Crimes After Threatening 73-Year-Old Priest

Felony crimes can be committed in an endless number of scenarios. Drug crimes, violent crimes, sexual crimes, and property theft crimes all seem like the typical felony crimes that grace the pages of the newspaper and internet news sites each day. Sometimes, however, reporters catch news stories that involve lesser known crimes that are still (Read More)

Illinois Prosecutors Drop Weapons Charges After State Supreme Court’s Aguilar Ruling

Earlier this fall, the Illinois State Supreme Court ruled on one aspect of an important issue that Illinois has wrestled with for a very long time: gun possession. In People v. Aguilar, the Supreme Court ruled on an issue pertaining to felony crimes and weapons charges when it struck down an Illinois statute it deemed (Read More)

Chicago Nightclub Owner Faces Serious Felony Charges after Allegedly Burning Down Club to Cash in on Insurance Policy

The age-old story of the man or woman who tried to cash in on a hefty insurance policy by committing arson and burning down his or her own home is likely familiar to many Americans. That story, however, is not just made-for-T.V., but a real life reality for some people. It’s probably no secret, however, (Read More)

Illinois Man Faces Serious Felony Charges in Relation to Alleged Hate Crime against Mail Carrier

Hate crimes are likely among the felony crimes that are the least accepted by society in general. The law reflects society’s condemnation of discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics by protecting these characteristics and making violent acts of discrimination illegal. Some of the characteristics that are protected by law are race, religion, cultural background, (Read More)

Skokie Police Officer Faces Criminal Charges and Civil Lawsuit After Allegedly Mistreating DUI Arrestee

Earlier this fall reports came out revealing that a Skokie police officer had allegedly mistreated a woman in his custody who had been arrested for DUI. This week, reports confirm that that officer is not only facing criminal charges for aggravated battery and criminal misconduct in connection with the incident, but also a civil lawsuit. (Read More)

Aurora, Illinois Man in Prison for Double Murder Faces Murder and Felony Crimes Charges for Alleged Strangling of Wife

Even if a person is already in jail serving out a sentence for a felony crimes conviction, he or she can be indicted for other crimes, and may go through a criminal trial. While the statute of limitations may run out for some crimes while a person is serving a life sentence, a murder may (Read More)

Chicago Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Aggravated DUI Conviction

DUI charges can lead to injury, death, and vehicular homicide or other serious charges. A Chicago man made headlines this week after a DuPage County judge sentenced him to ten years in prison for a February, 2012, drunk driving accident. 34-year-old Daniel Clark pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI charges for the incident that killed 42-year-old (Read More)

Southern Illinois Alderman Faces Charges for Serious Felony Crimes in Relation to Sexual Abuse of Victim

Last week a man from southern Illinois was jailed on serious felony crimes stemming from sexual abuse of an unnamed victim. Wgem.com reports that the exact details of 46-year-old Ronald Nolan’s crimes have not yet been released, but he has been charged with multiple serious offenses, including aggravated criminal sexual abuse, unlawful restraint, and kidnapping. (Read More)