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Chicago High School Students Face Charges for Felony Crimes after School Prank

Schoolyard pranks are likely not foreign to any American teenager. However, schoolyard pranks that end up with pranksters facing charges for felony crimes are a different story. Although schoolyard pranks may not have the same sound of severity as drug crimes or violent crimes, felony charges for damage to property are prosecuted rigorously in Illinois, (Read More)

Illinois Man Convicted of Domestic Battery Narrowly Avoids Lengthy Jail Sentence

Domestic violence cases are rarely cut and dry. A domestic battery case may involve drug or alcohol abuse, mental health problems, and other serious issues. A domestic battery may involve children and a complicated relationship history that may be difficult to understand. In any event, in Illinois, domestic battery cases are seriously prosecuted and can involve a variety (Read More)

First-Degree Murder and the Death Penalty under Illinois Law

First-Degree Murder Charges in the Headlines Early this week in Chicago two very different incidents both gave rise to first-degree murder charges. The first incident occurred on the 9100 block of South Commercial Avenue in Chicago. According to CBSlocal.com, 18-year-old Devon Brunt, from Chicago’s South Side, allegedly shot and killed 33-year-old Tekia Burns during a robbery that turned deadly. Mr. (Read More)

When do I have a right to an attorney?

This may seem like an easy question to answer, especially if you are familiar with Miranda rights.  However, there are some differences between Miranda and your specific right to counsel.  Although Miranda rights include notice that you have a right to counsel, the two rights come from different constitutional amendments.  The Miranda warnings are derived from the Fifth Amendment, which basically (Read More)

What are the Consequences of a No-Contest Plea in Illinois?

When charged with a crime, you must enter a plea to that crime.  You can plead not guilty, guilty, or no-contest.  You are likely familiar with the first two, but may not be aware of what a no-contest means and what effect it could have on your future. The Latin term that is often used for (Read More)

How to Clear Your Criminal Record in Illinois

These days, you can’t get passed most applications for all sorts of things without some kind of background check.  If you have a criminal record of any kind, this could prevent you from renting an apartment, getting a job, or qualifying for some services.  A criminal history report will include both arrests and convictions from (Read More)

Sobriety Checkpoints

This is the age of Facebook, Twitter, and any other instant message update available.  These social media platforms have been useful for consumers to warn each other about speed traps and sobriety checkpoints.  Illinois motorists should take a lesson from this recent news report by being aware how tweets and posts about sobriety checkpoints may inspire police (Read More)

Warrants in Illinois

Most people are quite familiar with the word “warrant.”  We can see the drama play out on popular TV shows when the police hastily get a judge to issue one so that the proverbial bad guy can be caught.  This fictional characterization of criminal law doesn’t really tell us what a warrant really is and (Read More)

When Does an “attempt” to Commit a Crime Become an Attempted Crime in Illinois?

Inchoate Offenses The law considers crimes that have yet to occur, but near to occur to be inchoate offenses.  An inchoate crime is defined as, “something which has begun but has not been completed, either an activity or some object which is incomplete. It may define a potential crime like a conspiracy which has been (Read More)