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Category: Drug Crimes

Biogenesis Charges Remind us that Steroid Possession has Strict Penalties

Almost every Major League Baseball (MLB) fan is aware of scandal that came fully to light last year, involving several players who received steroids from the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in Florida. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was one of 13 players who received suspensions as a result of the allegations. Though none of the players (Read More)

Bill Proposed to Change IL Marijuana Laws

To date, Colorado and Washington State are the only two states that have legalized the personal possession and private use of certain amounts of marijuana. Both states have adapted their respective criminal laws to provide no penalties for anyone who possesses or uses privately less than one ounce of marijuana. Several other states, while not (Read More)

The Heroin Epidemic in Chicago

Heroin is a controlled substance that is commonly known as smack, H, horse, and other names on the street. When injected into the body or smoked in its freebase form, heroin converts to morphine, causing a highly addictive state of euphoria. The “high” is short-lived, however, and a user will often need more heroin in (Read More)

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Illinois

While many states have recently relaxed their marijuana laws and policies, Illinois has not. While the state enacted a pilot program for the use of medical marijuana in 2013, Illinois still imposes strict penalties on people who are found in possession of even small amounts of marijuana. In addition to legal consequences, a drug possession conviction (Read More)

Two Chicago Men Face Charges for Felony Crimes After Threatening 73-Year-Old Priest

Felony crimes can be committed in an endless number of scenarios. Drug crimes, violent crimes, sexual crimes, and property theft crimes all seem like the typical felony crimes that grace the pages of the newspaper and internet news sites each day. Sometimes, however, reporters catch news stories that involve lesser known crimes that are still (Read More)

Chicago Bears Fan Faces Weapons Charges after Allegedly Tasering Wife Pursuant to Bet

When football season heats up things can sometimes get a little out of hand, but it is a rare case that a little bit of team rivalry ends in weapons charges. Though it may seem more innocent than a violent crime or drug crime, possessing a Taser, or other such weapon, may wind up costing (Read More)

Chicago Case Reinforces Prisoners’ Rights to Adequate Medical Care

Whether a person is arrested on felony crimes charges or misdemeanor drug crimes, he or she is entitled to adequate medical care when detained in jail. The constitution guarantees persons detained in jail or prison to adequate medical care under the Eighth Amendment’s provisions against cruel and unusual punishment. In stark contrast to these constitutional underpinnings, and the (Read More)

Illinois Men Face Drug Crimes Charges after Pseudoephedrine Purchase

Methamphetamine is a popular and dangerous drug that has spread across the United States at a rapid pace. With the widespread use of this drug, and its dangerous effects, it is no surprise that drug crimes related to meth can be serious felony crimes. The war on meth is often played out in the news, (Read More)

Illinois Man Charged with Possession of Meth Precursors Outside Nuclear Plant

Drug crimes are among the most common crimes that are brought to criminal court in Illinois. Methamphetamine, or “meth,” remains a popular drug with a large following and a high street value, making meth producers and dealers prime targets for law enforcement. While most people are aware that possessing or distributing meth is illegal, it (Read More)