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Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Deliver

Charge: Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Deliver

My client was charged with making a hand to hand delivery of heroin to an undercover Chicago Police Officer. My client was facing significant prison time because of the charges. The prosecutor refused to offer probation so we had no choice but to go to trial in order to avoid prison or any sort of local jail time. Numerous officers testified that my client and two (2) other individuals met in a fast food restaurant parking lot and made a hand to had delivery of heroin to undercover Chicago Police Officers. My office questioned each officer until they all changed their version of the events numerous times. We hammed the officers so hard that the judge granted our “motion for directed finding.” That means the judge found my client not guilty as soon as the State of Illinois rested their case. My office gets the wins when it seems impossible!

Result: Not Guilty of All Charges after Trial