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Crime in America Infographic

“The 2010 US census is a fascinating statistical look at a wide range of factors impacting life in the United States, not least of which is the effect of crime – robbery and burglary in particular. Using the data from the Robbery and Property Crimes report, the infographic below takes a look at crime in (Read More)

Aiding and Abetting DUI

In some cases, a person’s conduct can lead to his or her arrest based on another driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One of the most common ways this may occur is if a car owner allows an intoxicated person to drive the car owner’s vehicle. Getting Arrested for Someone Else’s DUI (Read More)

Biogenesis Charges Remind us that Steroid Possession has Strict Penalties

Almost every Major League Baseball (MLB) fan is aware of scandal that came fully to light last year, involving several players who received steroids from the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in Florida. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was one of 13 players who received suspensions as a result of the allegations. Though none of the players (Read More)

Aggravating Factors in a Chicago Hate Crime

Illinois has defined certain crimes that are committed against people because of particular or perceived characteristics in 720 ILCS 5/12-7.1. Defined as “hate crimes,” these are serious offenses, and can subject offenders to fines, restitution, probation, and even jail time. Bringing a case against someone under Illinois’ hate crime statute requires that the state prove (Read More)

Bill Proposed to Change IL Marijuana Laws

To date, Colorado and Washington State are the only two states that have legalized the personal possession and private use of certain amounts of marijuana. Both states have adapted their respective criminal laws to provide no penalties for anyone who possesses or uses privately less than one ounce of marijuana. Several other states, while not (Read More)

Ex-Basketball Pro Faces Serious Criminal Charges

A former basketball player for the Chicago Bulls and Temple University made recent headlines when he was indicted on several serious criminal charges in Lake County court. Allegedly, the former pro had been refused any subsequent massages from the massage therapist at a fitness center due to inappropriate behavior. Instead of respecting the request that (Read More)

Internet Crimes in Illinois

In recent decades, as the use of and reliance on Internet communications has increased, so has the potential for misuse of the Internet. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that it receives an estimated 300,000 complaints of internet crimes on an annual basis. Illinois has responded to the increase in cybercrime by establishing the (Read More)

Your Constitutional Right to Counsel

If you are facing criminal charges, you may wonder whether if you should hire an attorney to represent you. While many people may consider hiring an attorney, they may not fully realize that they do not just have the option to have a lawyer, but they have the actual right to have counsel if they (Read More)

Classifications of Criminal Charges in Chicago

Illinois law sets out numerous criminal offenses for which you may be charged in criminal court if you are suspected of breaking the law. Some charges can be extremely serious and can put your life-long liberty at stake. Others, in comparison, may seem like a mere slap on the wrist. Additionally, there are many charges (Read More)