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Can I Appear at a Chicago Pre Trial Hearing Without An Attorney?

The DUI is a frightening prospect for most defendants. It is a charge that can lead to months of lost income, a mark on a criminal record, and possible jail time. Some people may not be completely familiar with all of the laws and procedures surrounding this type of charge. Rules of evidence have to be (Read More)

Does it Hurt My Chicago DUI Case if My DMV Hearing is Continued?

There are many drivers who wonder whether or not it will hurt their Chicago DUI case if the DMV hearing is continued. The simple answer is that it will not hurt you, in fact, that extra time gives your DUI attorney the chance to subpoena the video and audio from the arrest, subpoena the arresting (Read More)

What are the potential consequences of a first offense Chicago DUI?

The potential consequences of a DUI will depend on the subjective facts and circumstances of every case. The court typically looks at a variety of factors surrounding the DUI arrest. These factors include: Whether the driver charged with a DUI was transporting a child under 16 years of age. The age of the driver charged (Read More)

What can be done for my Chicago DUI case prior to hearing?

When you fight your Chicago DUI case, you want to do everything that you can to develop your case and strategically defend against the charges. A lot of the work preparing your defense happens long before you set foot in court for your trial date. Here’s what can be done for your Chicago DUI case (Read More)

what can i do to ensure successful defense of a chicago dui

Successfully defending a DUI case in Chicago begins with getting a skilled attorney on your side who specializes in these cases. Stick with a law firm that has a dedicated DUI attorney, one who understands the complexities of these type cases and will be in the best position to cast doubt on the evidence presented (Read More)

what happens if i choose not to appear for my chicago dui arraignment

When you receive a DUI charge in Chicago, the court may set an arraignment date in the future. The court will order you appear at the arraignment date. You may wonder what happens if you don’t go to your Chicago DUI arraignment. Here’s what you can expect if you choose not to appear at your (Read More)

What Happens When I Am an Out of State Resident and I Get a Chicago DUI?

Perhaps you are visiting the great state of Illinois and you get pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. There are many out-of-state drivers who think that just because they are not in their home state, this will be nothing more than a traffic violation or a slap on the wrist. What really (Read More)

What Happens When I Refuse A Blood Alcohol Test in Chicago?

It’s your worst nightmare. You’ve been drinking, and the cops pull you over. You hand them your license and registration, and they want to know if you are intoxicated. If that officer thinks that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you need to know what to do to protect yourself. Fortunately, you (Read More)

Crime in America Infographic

“The 2010 US census is a fascinating statistical look at a wide range of factors impacting life in the United States, not least of which is the effect of crime – robbery and burglary in particular. Using the data from the Robbery and Property Crimes report, the infographic below takes a look at crime in (Read More)