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The Constitutionality of Dog Sniffs

The legal (warrantless) use of dogs by law enforcement officials has long been defended by prosecutors on the grounds that he sniff does not reveal anything about the contents of the article or package being sniffed, just whether or not it contains an illegal substance.  The 4th Amendment to he United States Constitution protects citizens from (Read More)

Are Marijuana Laws Discriminatory in Illinois?

The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic in today’s news media.  It may not all be hype for those who simply want to see it legalized for recreational or medicinal use.  The ACLU has recently reported that there appears to be racial disparity in marijuana arrests in Illinois.  Illinois law remains strict for violating marijuana laws (Read More)

How can I Defend Myself Against Marijuana Possession Charges in Illinois?

Knowing that Illinois still criminalizes marijuana, despite major changes in public opinion, there are a number of things that you can do to avoid being charged with a violation of the law. Possession Penalties The Cannabis Control Act delineates the varying penalties for the amount of marijuana found in someone’s possession.  Less than 2.5 grams is a (Read More)