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Chicago Tour Bus Driver Sentenced to 34 Years For Aggravated DUI, Felony Convictions

Drinking alcohol and driving don’t mix well, and neither do DUI charges and other felony crimes. A Chicago man learned this this hard way this week after being sentenced to 34 years in prison for drunk driving which resulted in the death of a young woman and unrelated sexual assault charges. The Chicago Tribune reports (Read More)

Defense Attorneys Argue that DUI Charges in Computer Cleaner Huffing Case are Unconstitutional

It may come as no surprise that Illinois DUI laws prohibit the consumption of intoxicating substances other than just alcohol when operating a motor vehicle. In fact, Illinois law specifically prohibits the use of many different substances that can cause intoxication. The extent of DUI laws when it comes to intoxicating substances is being tested (Read More)

Chicago Man Faces Aggravated DUI Charges after Allegedly Injuring Nine People in Accident

Drunk driving charges can seriously impact a person’s life professionally, socially, and financially.  DUI charges can become even more serious when a drunk driving accident has resulted in the injury or death of another person. While not all drunk driving accidents result in vehicular homicide charges, they can lead to jail time, penalties, and other (Read More)

Chicago Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Aggravated DUI Conviction

DUI charges can lead to injury, death, and vehicular homicide or other serious charges. A Chicago man made headlines this week after a DuPage County judge sentenced him to ten years in prison for a February, 2012, drunk driving accident. 34-year-old Daniel Clark pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI charges for the incident that killed 42-year-old (Read More)

DUI Charges Enhanced for Drunk Drivers with Child Passengers

DUI laws in Illinois are governed by the complex statutes that make up the Illinois Compiled Statutes. A driver’s other conduct, such as drug possession or weapons violations, can be charged under other Illinois criminal statutes. Sometimes a DUI charge can be combined with felony crimes or misdemeanors, depending on the circumstances of the individual (Read More)

DUI Strip Search Challenged by Alleged Drunk Driver

When a person is stopped and arrested on DUI charges, he or she may be scared and confused as to what is going to happen next. A DUI charge and arrest may result in a ride in the back of the police vehicle and being booked and fingerprinted into jail. Aside from the penalties and (Read More)

Illinois Bus Driver Faces Felony DUI Charges after Arrest on Bus Route

Whether a person  was out partying, or was simply enjoying evening drinks over a quiet meal, ending a night with DUI charges is never ideal. Being stopped on the side of the road by a police officer and taking sobriety field tests is not only embarrassing, but a DUI Charge may lead to license revocation, heavy fines (Read More)

Wrong-Way Accident Results in Potential Aggravated DUI Charges after Death of Two Young Women

DUI charges are never easy to deal with. Expensive and embarrassing, DUI charges may not only result in heavy fines and penalties, but interlock devices, loss of driving privileges, and, in some cases, jail time. The worst case scenario, however, occurs when the choice to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs results in (Read More)

Sobriety Checkpoints

This is the age of Facebook, Twitter, and any other instant message update available.  These social media platforms have been useful for consumers to warn each other about speed traps and sobriety checkpoints.  Illinois motorists should take a lesson from this recent news report by being aware how tweets and posts about sobriety checkpoints may inspire police (Read More)