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Man Faces Murder, Weapons Charges for Shooting Death of 19-year-old Woman

The shooting death of a 19-year-old Detroit woman has sparked outrage across the country, and has raised questions as to whether the shooting was racially motivated. While the media and the public speculate as to whether the killing of Renisha McBride was similar to the high-profile killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the homeowner who (Read More)

Chicago Case Reinforces Prisoners’ Rights to Adequate Medical Care

Whether a person is arrested on felony crimes charges or misdemeanor drug crimes, he or she is entitled to adequate medical care when detained in jail. The constitution guarantees persons detained in jail or prison to adequate medical care under the Eighth Amendment’s provisions against cruel and unusual punishment. In stark contrast to these constitutional underpinnings, and the (Read More)

Illinois Man Faces Serious Felony Charges in Relation to Alleged Hate Crime against Mail Carrier

Hate crimes are likely among the felony crimes that are the least accepted by society in general. The law reflects society’s condemnation of discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics by protecting these characteristics and making violent acts of discrimination illegal. Some of the characteristics that are protected by law are race, religion, cultural background, (Read More)

Skokie Police Officer Faces Criminal Charges and Civil Lawsuit After Allegedly Mistreating DUI Arrestee

Earlier this fall reports came out revealing that a Skokie police officer had allegedly mistreated a woman in his custody who had been arrested for DUI. This week, reports confirm that that officer is not only facing criminal charges for aggravated battery and criminal misconduct in connection with the incident, but also a civil lawsuit. (Read More)

Collateral Consequences Resulting from Felony Crimes Convictions

While some consequences of a conviction for a felony crime may be well-known, other consequences may not be as obvious. When a person is convicted of a serious felony crime, such as burglary or robbery, he or she may face jail time, monetary penalties, and other penalties and consequences associated with his or her sentence. (Read More)

DUI Charges Enhanced for Drunk Drivers with Child Passengers

DUI laws in Illinois are governed by the complex statutes that make up the Illinois Compiled Statutes. A driver’s other conduct, such as drug possession or weapons violations, can be charged under other Illinois criminal statutes. Sometimes a DUI charge can be combined with felony crimes or misdemeanors, depending on the circumstances of the individual (Read More)

Illinois Governor Bans State Jobs From Asking About Applicants’ Criminal Pasts

A felony crimes conviction brings with it a number of different consequences. One such consequence is that a criminal record often makes it difficult for an ex-con to get a job after incarceration. For example, if a person has been convicted of a robbery, he or she must answer “yes” or check the box indicating (Read More)

Illinois Supreme Court Orders Peoria Man New Trial on Robbery and Sexual Assault Convictions

It is difficult to comprehend that an innocent man could be convicted of serious felony crimes and sentenced to sixty years in prison. Though the criminal justice system tries to avoid such results in all cases, they can, and they do, occur. When an innocent man is sentenced on a conviction for home invasion and (Read More)

Chicago Man Allegedly Kidnaps Toddler, Faces Charges for Multiple Felony Crimes

Kidnapping is a serious felony crime that may result in jail time and other harsh consequences in the case of a conviction.  An aggravated kidnapping conviction may result in an even tougher sentence, including a longer term of imprisonment and higher fines. The difference between the offenses of kidnapping and aggravated kidnapping are governed by (Read More)