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Two Chicago Men Face Charges for Felony Crimes After Threatening 73-Year-Old Priest

Felony crimes can be committed in an endless number of scenarios. Drug crimes, violent crimes, sexual crimes, and property theft crimes all seem like the typical felony crimes that grace the pages of the newspaper and internet news sites each day. Sometimes, however, reporters catch news stories that involve lesser known crimes that are still (Read More)

Chicago Nightclub Owner Faces Serious Felony Charges after Allegedly Burning Down Club to Cash in on Insurance Policy

The age-old story of the man or woman who tried to cash in on a hefty insurance policy by committing arson and burning down his or her own home is likely familiar to many Americans. That story, however, is not just made-for-T.V., but a real life reality for some people. It’s probably no secret, however, (Read More)

Coal City Man Faces Carjacking Sentence after Going on the Run

Going on the run after being charged with felony crimes and posting up a bond for bail is never a good idea. While some people may think they can escape the long arm of the law by simply disappearing, what they fail to realize is that in some circumstances they can be tried and convicted (Read More)

Skokie Police Officer Faces Criminal Charges and Civil Lawsuit After Allegedly Mistreating DUI Arrestee

Earlier this fall reports came out revealing that a Skokie police officer had allegedly mistreated a woman in his custody who had been arrested for DUI. This week, reports confirm that that officer is not only facing criminal charges for aggravated battery and criminal misconduct in connection with the incident, but also a civil lawsuit. (Read More)

Collateral Consequences Resulting from Felony Crimes Convictions

While some consequences of a conviction for a felony crime may be well-known, other consequences may not be as obvious. When a person is convicted of a serious felony crime, such as burglary or robbery, he or she may face jail time, monetary penalties, and other penalties and consequences associated with his or her sentence. (Read More)

Woman Stands Trial for First Degree Murder for Alleged Shooting of Veteran Chicago Police Officer

First degree murder is likely the most serious felony crime that a person can commit, and accordingly brings with it the most severe penalties and consequences.  The first-degree murder law can be found at 720 ILCS 5/9-1. First degree murder, unlike second-degree murder or manslaughter, requires a finding that the offender either intended to kill the (Read More)

Chicago Man Faces Charges for Felony Crimes after Killing Sister’s Dog

There are several felony crimes that are likely known by most people throughout Illinois. Rape, murder, burglary, robbery, and drug crimes are all reported regularly in the news throughout the country, and are well-known to many people. Aside from these high-profile felony crimes, there are other felony crimes that are perhaps lesser-known, but all the (Read More)

Chicago Man Stands Trial for Felony Crimes for 2010 Baseball Bat Beating

Armed robbery is often associated with images of a masked person holding up a bank with a gun. However, in the real world, the crime of armed robbery does not require a firearm, nor does it require that a person steal or attempt to steal from a financial institution. Armed robbery is often accompanied by (Read More)

Chicago High School Students Face Charges for Felony Crimes after School Prank

Schoolyard pranks are likely not foreign to any American teenager. However, schoolyard pranks that end up with pranksters facing charges for felony crimes are a different story. Although schoolyard pranks may not have the same sound of severity as drug crimes or violent crimes, felony charges for damage to property are prosecuted rigorously in Illinois, (Read More)