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Skokie DUI Attorney

Skokie DUI Attorney

An encounter with law enforcement for drinking and driving can seriously impact your life and your future, so let a qualified Skokie DUI attorney provide you with the representation that you need. You might think that driving after you have had a couple of drinks is no big deal, but you could be surprised at the penalties you could experience if you are caught. This is because drunk driving can increase the chance that are involved in an accident, especially during the night time hours. If you are being charged with DUI, you want to find a defense lawyer who is qualified to handle your case in the Skokie Court House.

Driving Under the Influence in Skokie, IL

Because Skokie is considered to be safer than nearly a third of all cities within the United States, you can be sure that they will be tough on perceived criminal activities that might affect their safety record. This means that a law enforcement officer is likely to pull you over if you are driving erratically or appear to be impaired in any way, shape, or form. That being said, you may be charged with DUI if you fail a field sobriety test or a breathalyzer test. Likewise, if you refuse to take one of these testing methods when requested by law enforcement, you may be arrested and automatically face these charges.

There are many reasons why you may swerve slightly or forget to activate your signal when making a turn that have nothing at all to do with drinking. However, Skokie law enforcement has a high arrest rate for drinking and driving with an equally high conviction rate. This makes it all the more important to obtain the necessary services of an experienced Skokie DUI attorney before you go to court. While law enforcement officials may not intentionally pursue false accusations regarding drinking and driving, there might be mistakes in the arresting officer’s perception or other matters that should be assessed by a skilled lawyer.

DUI Law in Illinois

The laws are pretty strict when it comes to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of Illinois. Just like in many other areas across the country, you can be charged with DUI if you have a blood alcohol concentration, more commonly referred to as BAC, of 0.08% or higher. However, what you may not know is that in Illinois, you can also face these charges if your BAC registers under 0.08% yet over 0.05% if the law enforcement officer feels that you were not driving safely. This leaves the option to charge you with a crime solely up to the discretion of the officer. If you feel the officer was mistaken or that you did not make any driving errors as stated by the officer, you could benefit from discussing your case with a Skokie DUI attorney.

As a suburb of Chicago, Skokie gets more than its fair share of travelers who may be just passing through. Many times, there are so many drivers to be tested at regular checkpoints, an officer might make a mistake just trying to get through everyone. When you go to court, a judge may be more likely to take the word of the citing officer over yours. When you work with a defense lawyer who has expertise with the Skokie court system, this can help to level the playing field.

What to Expect from DUI Charges in Skokie

Depending on your blood alcohol concentration or your willingness to cooperate with law enforcement, you may be arrested or you may just receive a citation. Your license will be suspended, but not right away. You have until the 46th day following your arrest to submit an appeal hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to try to save your driving privileges. You might not be given this information upon your arrest or if you are cited. You will make a plea in court then be provided with a court date for your hearing.

It can take a lot of work on your part if your try to get through the process on your own. When you allow a skilled Skokie DUI attorney to be your advocate in court, you can free up your time to work on keeping your employment and handling other matters regarding your family and personal life before the hearing. Obtaining the assistance of an attorney may also help to get the charges reduced or even dismissed in certain cases. If not, a compromise may be able to be reached without you having to face a potentially lengthy and costly trial.

Consequences of Drinking and Driving

If you are found guilty of DUI in Skokie, IL, you might have to spend time in jail. For subsequent convictions, this could mean even more time in prison. Fines can run in the thousands or even the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention court costs and fees. You may also have to have a chemical dependency assessment and treatment at your own expense. There are other penalties that the judge may impose that could affect your time and your finances. Your insurance rates will most likely go up if you are able to get regular coverage at all. Additionally, criminal charges can affect your credit-worthiness for many years to come.

A DUI can be a felony or a misdemeanor. Either way, the conviction remains on your permanent record. You might think that this only affects your driving privileges, but it goes way beyond that. You could lose your job either from a criminal record or due to losing your driver’s license. This could also affect future employment options. A knowledgeable Skokie DUI attorney can explain the entire process to you, including the potentially devastating consequences you may face that could impact your life.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Future

Protect your life and your freedom by working with an experienced Skokie DUI attorney from Goldman & Associates. We will give your case the attention that is necessary to ensure that your rights are protected. We are ready to take your call day or night. Make your phone call count and dial us up at Goldman & Associates at 773-484-3131 or 847-215-2600. We look forward to assisting you.

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