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Skokie Retail Theft Attorney

Skokie Retail Theft Attorney

Call our office to speak with a Skokie retail theft attorney now. Whether you are arrested for shoplifting after failing to pay for a tie before leaving Nordstrom, unlawfully taking a person’s motor vehicle, or identity theft because you use grandpa’s credit card, you might be unjustifiably charged with a theft offense.  The pilfered tie might simply be the result of your forgetting that you were carrying the item.  You might have thought you had permission to use the car.  While grandpa might have regularly allowed you to use the card, so you did not mean to commit identity theft when you used his information.  Whether you are wrongfully accused or you suffered a momentary lapse in judgment, the Skokie retail theft attorneys at Goldman & Associates tenaciously advocate for those charged with the full range of theft offenses.

Theft offenses can result in serious penalties that include incarceration, fines, restitution, classes, probation, and a criminal record no matter where you are arrested in Illinois.  However, the officers of the Skokie Police Department and prosecutors who handle criminal cases in the 2nd Municipal District of the Circuit Court in Skokie take pride on our city’s low crime rate, which they attribute to aggressively pursuing investigations and prosecutions.  The combined number of burglaries, vehicle thefts, and other thefts (e.g. petty theft aka shoplifting) per 100,000 people across the country is 2,723 annually whereas the rate in Skokie is significantly lower 2,417 per 100,000.   Both burglaries and vehicle thefts also occur at lower rates in Skokie than the Illinois state average.

While your first instinct when arrested might be to try to “talk your way out of trouble,” this is the absolute wrong approach.  Skokie law enforcement authorities and prosecutors are aware of these crime statistics, and your successful conviction bolsters their numbers and reputation for being tough on crime.  Whether you have been asked to answer questions as part of an investigation or you have been formally arrested, you should immediately assert your right to remain silent and to have an attorney present before you answer any questions.  While you will not talk your way out jail, you might talk your way into a conviction.

Skokie Retail Theft Attorney at Goldman & Associates Can Make a Difference in Your Theft Case

Skokie retail theft attorney Steven Goldman has built his law firm’s reputation on a long-track record representing over 5,000 people in the criminal courts of Skokie and surrounding areas of Cook County during a career that spans over 15 years.  Mr. Goldman has exclusively focused on defending those accused of misdemeanors and felonies.  The criminal defense law firm of Goldman & Associates is completely dedicated to zealous advocacy of our clients without judgment, so our clients are comfortable explaining all aspects of their situation to Mr. Goldman.  Because we understand the stress of being charged with a crime, we explain the criminal process, your rights, available defenses, and potential outcomes to provide realistic expectations. 

Understanding Theft Crimes under Illinois Law

 The term theft offense encompasses many statutory provisions that refer to a wide range of acts that involve the taking of another individual’s property through force or deception without consent.  Even if you thought you had permission to take the property, this does not mean that you can afford to take your situation lightly because a conviction could lead to hefty fines and loss of your liberty.  Goldman & Associates represents residents of Skokie and the surrounding areas in the full spectrum of theft offense cases, including but not limited to the following:

If you are facing criminal charges for a theft offense related to an alleged crime in Skokie, you should seek immediate legal advice.  Our Skokie Theft Lawyers at Goldman and Associates offer a free consultation, so you should call us today at (773) 484-3131 or (847) 215-2600 to schedule your free consultation.  We can even come to you, so contact us to balance the scales of justice when facing a theft offense in Skokie or the immediate vicinity.

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