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Schaumburg DUI Attorney

If you are arrested for a DUI in Schaumburg, Illinois then you need to call our affordable Schaumburg DUI lawyer immediately. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense that requires aggressive legal representation.

Schaumburg is a beautiful Illinois village located in Cook County. This quiet village is surprisingly close to Chicago’s metropolitan area, and it is home to one of Chicago’s leading law firms, Goldman & Associates. Our legal team will provide the best Schaumburg DUI lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and ensure more favorable outcomes throughout the process.

Residents and tourists alike need to keep in mind the life-changing effects that drinking and driving can have on an individual’s future. While visiting the highly regarded village, take heed of the law. The city of Schaumburg and state of Illinois treat DUI incidents as serious violent crimes. If you or a loved one is charged with this crime, then immediately reach out to our team of attorneys for support.

Charged With Crime is Not the Same as Being Convicted

When you are charged with a DUI in Schaumburg, it is important that you understand that this does not mean you have been convicted of a crime. Many people believe that once they have been charged with DUI they must simply resign to whatever penalties the Court imposes upon them. This is not accurate. When you have been charged with a crime, any type of crime, you have the right to present your side of the issue to the Court and present evidence to support your case. You do not have to blindly accept a conviction of this charge.

This is why it is so important to speak with a Schaumburg DUI attorney from our office as soon as possible after your arrest so that you can begin gathering the information necessary to build a defense for these charges. While a dismissal of charges cannot be guaranteed by any attorney, having a lawyer represent your case gives you a much better chance to have the charges or penalties reduced or eliminated.

Schaumburg DUI Attorney Can Help You Win

A Schaumburg DUI attorney at our office will have several different areas that will be explored while building your defense. Based on the facts of your case, your lawyer may be able to defend your case using one or more of the following defense methods:

  • Inaccurate Blood Alcohol Testing. Under Illinois state law, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) registers at .08 percent or higher you are considered legally drunk. Under certain circumstances a BAC of .05 or higher may also result in being charged for DUI based on your actions. Your attorney will review all aspects of your BAC test to verify that the equipment was working properly and has a record of being properly maintained. The qualifications of the person who administered the test will also be checked, and the chain-of-command will be verified of the test results to make sure that all results have been handled properly.
  • Medical Conditions. Many people, including the police, do not realize that people who suffer from Gastrointestinal reflux disease or similar stomach acid problems often register as having BAC even when they have not been drinking. People who have undergone dental surgeries on that same day may also register higher for BAC because of medicines used by the dentist.
  • Police Mistakes. Your attorney will carefully review all aspects of the arrest to ensure that your rights were not violated. This includes Miranda violations, paperwork issues, and conflicting evidence.
  • Driving Experience. New drivers often may seem erratic on the road or swerve a little more often as they become accustomed to driving. Experience has much to do with how well you perform on the road. Newer drivers may not have been under the influence at all.

Of course, these are not the only defenses available to someone charged with a DUI. One of our Schaumburg DUI attorneys will build your defense based on the actual facts of your case.

Consequences of a DUI Conviction

If you are convicted of a DUI, even if it is your first offense, you must be prepared to face the following legal and administrative consequences:

  • A fine of up to $1,000
  • A prison sentence of up to 180 days
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for a period of no less than six months
  • Mandatory community service
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol rehabilitation classes
  • Revocation of your vehicle registration

In addition to these criminal penalties, you will also face the following administrative penalties:

  • Cost to reinstate your license after the suspension ends
  • The cost to install, maintain, and remove an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle
  • Additional insurance policies before you are allowed to drive
  • Increase in the cost of your regular insurance premiums
  • Cost for a drug and alcohol evaluation that will be required to get your license back
  • Increased cost of transportation while you are unable to drive

In addition to these expenses, you may also experience other financial situations based on a DUI conviction.

There may also be social penalties for being convicted of a DUI. Many people do not consider this aspect of a conviction. Some of the problems you may face if convicted of a DUI in Schaumburg include:

  • Difficulty finding a new job or getting a promotion based on a criminal conviction
  • Difficulty renting an apartment
  • Additional burden on family and friends as you depend on them for transportation
  • Social stigma of being convicted of DUI

Because the penalties are so severe if you are convicted of a DUI, it is in your best interest to speak to a Schaumburg DUI attorney in our office as soon as possible after your arrest.

What to Do When You Are Arrested for DUI in Schaumburg

If you are arrested for DUI in Schaumburg, there are several things that you should do to make the process easier for you in the long run.

  • Cooperate with the police. The first thing that you want to remember is that cooperation with the police will always be in your best interest. Even if you believe that you are being wrongfully arrested and charged, even if the police seem more aggressive than necessary, and even if you are scared out of your mind, be cooperative. Your actions will reflect in the police report and it will reflect on your case. Your attorney can use your good behavior during this incidence to your benefit.
  • Respectfully decline sobriety testing. Regardless of common belief, you are not required to submit to any type of field sobriety testing when you have been stopped by the police. Do not argue with the police officer, simply decline the test. Regardless of what you are told at the scene of the arrest, you cannot be forced to take any type of field sobriety tests.
  • Stay quiet. One of the most important sentences of the Miranda Warning is that “Everything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law.” Refrain from giving out any more information than necessary to the police, the booking officer or anyone else involved in the arrest. Avoid talking about the arrest or anything prior to the arrest to anyone at the jail. Reveal only necessary information, name address and similar information, to protect your rights during your case.
  • Call a Goldman and Associates Schaumburg DUI attorney. As soon as you are released from jail, call an attorney about the arrest. Delaying speaking to an attorney can cause you to forget important information or can lead to loss of important evidence. Speaking to an attorney in a timely manner will protect your rights and allow you to build a solid case.
What About Medical Marijuana?

Illinois law permits the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but it is still against the law to operate a vehicle while impaired by prescribed cannabis. If a registered card holder refuses to submit to testing or if they fail a sobriety test, then they person’s driver’s license can be suspended. This person can also lose their medical cannabis card when charged with a DUI in Schaumburg. Goldman & Associates is the Schaumburg DUI Attorney office that can help you navigate through these laws and explain your rights.

Senate Bill 627

Last March, Senate Bill 627 was signed into law and became effective on January 1, 2017. This new bill is very important to understand for anyone newly charged with a DUI in Schaumburg, IL. Those faced with a DUI charge often lose their ability to drive because of mandatory license suspensions, but they can now immediately apply for a breathing ignition interlock device and maintain their right to drive. This technology requires the driver to breathe into a device that can accurately measure the person’s blood alcohol level. If the driver is under .025, then the engine will start. If the driver fails the sobriety test, then the engine will lock. This incredible new opportunity is dependent on your prior criminal history. Goldman & Associates can help you determine if you are eligible for this new program. We are available to call at (773) 484-3131 or (847) 215-2600.

What Should You Do?

The state of Illinois treats a DUI as a violent crime. This means that any victims harmed by a DUI are recognized as victims of violent crimes. The Illinois Court will protect and uphold the victims rights. A Schaumburg DUI Attorney will uphold your rights and ensure that the legal system treats you fairly.

Call us immediately if you or a loved one is charged with a DUI in Schaumburg, IL. Our experienced legal team is prepared to handle your case day or night. Our 24/7 telephone line can be reached at (773) 484-3131 or (847) 215-2600. A lawyer can help you work towards more favorable outcomes and possibly a dismissal of charges. Even if you intend on pealing guilty to the charges, you should still seek legal consultation especially if it is your first offense.

No one deserves unfair legal treatment or punishments that don’t fit the crime. Contact our representatives today, and we will work together to ensure your freedoms and rights are protected.

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