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Does it Make a Difference if My Attorney is Familiar with the Courts

Having an experienced DUI attorney who is familiar with the courts can be beneficial for defendants in a number of ways. Rather than going with a Chicago criminal lawyer who will just go through the motions, an experienced trial lawyer has the edge in being able to anticipate certain situations and offer clients a more favorable outcome.

Here are a few of the reasons you want a DUI attorney familiar with the courts;

Knowledge of this Complicated Law
Depending on the severity of your DUI arrest, your attorney has been able to see from court experience what happens when a driver is just under or over the legal limit. While a recording over the legal limit certainly qualifies as a DUI, your attorney has seen judges and other lawyers plea bargain cases down a few points so that it becomes a reckless driving case. The reckless driving carries far less in the way of serious penalties, and could even result in the defendant being able to keep their driver’s license.

A DUI attorney who is familiar with the court has been able to see what circumstances it took to be in a position to get the charges lessened or dropped. If your case has similar circumstances, your attorney will draw on that experience and try to negotiate a deal that will rule more favorably in your case.

Professional Courtesy with Court Personnel
Unlike the lawyer who has not stepped foot in the courts, your Chicago criminal attorney has gained more than just experience seeing many of these cases play out. Each time that your attorney was in the court, they become more familiar with the judges, other lawyers, and the prosecutors. Trying these cases allows your attorney to see exactly how each of these individuals does their job. There could be some judges who tend to rule in favor of the defendants, while others with a more iron fist who need to be convinced to change their ruling.

The one advantage to having a DUI lawyer familiar with the courts is they tend to get a degree of professional courtesy from the rest of the courtroom personnel. Although this does not indicate favoritism, it does mean that these professionals have more respect for your attorney and that passes on to the defendant in these particular cases.

Knowledge of the DUI Recording Equipment
The complexities of DUI cases makes them some of the hardest to defend because the arresting officers have to many times make judgement calls. Although your attorney gets to see which testing was used to determine the level of sobriety in the driver, it helps to be able to see these cases and discover that sometimes the equipment was faulty. If the officer did not calibrate the device correctly, has little experience with a new device, or has a history of making mistakes, your attorney can draw on that experience to see if it applies in your case.

One of the advantages to being in the courts on a regular basis is that your attorney is seeing how other cases played out and what was effective when it comes to cross-examining the arresting officer. Your attorney will be seeing many of these officers in the court frequently, and if one officer happens to be involved with your case, it could allow your lawyer to use a successful strategy to weaken their case. Asking the officer why they choose one particular field test over another could reveal information that could allow the judge to dismiss this case.

Understanding the Needs of the Judge
There are only so many judges in this jurisdiction that are assigned to DUI cases. If you attorney is in the court all the time, they not only build a rapport with the judges, they start to understand what each judge needs as far as ruling more favorable. One judge might put heavy weight into the fact the driver has a spotless record before the incident, so your attorney can work that angle. Another judge might be a stickler for specifics, and whether the police or the lawyers, if the paperwork is not in order, they will rule accordingly.

Being in the court all the time allows your DUI attorney to see the unique personalities of each judge and discover what it takes to get them to hand down more favorable rulings for the defendants. When you know the judge presiding over the case has no sympathy for mistakes but does play everything by the numbers, your attorney knows they need to find issue with the DUI recording device and numbers instead of trying for a sympathy strategy.

Retaining a DUI lawyer who is familiar with the court puts you in a better position to get a favorable outcome and to avoid an unforeseen circumstances that could derail the case and make matters worse.