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Criminal Case Results

Disorderly Conduct

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office was called for a disturbance between my client, her ex-boyfriend, and his mother. My client was accused of yelling at the victim, attempting to hit his face, throwing and smashing a pumpkin against the victim’s truck, and throwing a brick at the vehicle striking the front driver’s side tire rim. (Read More)


The police were called for a report of assault between my client and the victim, a train conductor. My client was accused threatening the train conductor. On the court date, the conductor showed up and the state answered ready for trial. We went to trial and the judge found my client not guilty on all (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Aggravated Battery and Mob Action

My clients were charged with severely beating a man outside a bar in Niles, IL. They were accused of striking the victim on his face, head, and body with their fists and then kicking him when he fell to the ground. This case had to go to trial since one of my clients had a (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial

My client was accused of stabbing an individual numerous times in the chest, torso and neck with a screw driver. The victim indicated that he was a wedding party with my client. My client then attacked this individual by punching him in the back of the head until he fell to the ground. On the (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

The Tinley Park Police Department were dispatched to a hotel with regards to an armed robbery that had just occurred. While searching for the offender, the police observed my client in his vehicle on the side of the road with his hazard lights on. When the officers approached, they observed the butt of a handgun (Read More)

All Charges Dismissed
Possession of Cocaine

The Chicago Police Department entered my client’s home because they claimed they could see drugs through the window of his kitchen. With no warrant or consent, they entered his home and recovered the drugs. The judge was not very happy! The judge found no probable cause and the case was dismissed.

Finding of No Probable Cause
Aggravated Battery (Great bodily harm)

My client was charged with Aggravated Battery. He was accused of striking an individual at a bar numerous times with a beer bottle. The victim suffered numerous injuries and required multiple stitches in his head. The Morton Grove Police Department came to my clients house in Melrose Park approximately thirty (30) days later to arrest (Read More)

Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence Granted
Aggravated Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

I had previously posted (July 15, 2014) that I had won my motion to quash the arrest and suppress evidence in this case. On today’s date, the State of Illinois dismissed all charges against my client instead of filing an appeal. My client walked out a free man instead of mandatory prison time!

All Charges Dismissed
Forgery and Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Person

The State of Illinois accused my client of fraudulently obtaining a financial power of attorney and removing approximately $24,000 from his grandmothers bank accounts. Over a period of a year, he withdrew money from her life insurance cash accumulation and checking accounts. My client denied any wrong doing. My client indicated that his grandmother suffered (Read More)

All Charges Dismissed