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Criminal Case Results

Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Possession of Paraphernalia

My client’s vehicle was stopped for speeding by the Skokie Police Department. When the officer came up to the car he smelled a strong odor of burnt cannabis. He asked my client to exit the vehicle. Upon searching the car, he found a bottle of whiskey, a container of brownish jelly like oil that smelled (Read More)

Not Guilty
Obstruction of a Police Officer

An off duty police officer suspected that my client was driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The officer followed my client for many miles before the Island Lake Police Department took over the pursuit. My client exited his vehicle and ran into his house before the police could reach his front door. He (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Possession of Cannabis 2.5 grams-10 grams

My client is a known Latin King gang member and the police were doing a premise check in the area of Washington and Ballard Road in Des Plaines due to an increase in gang activity in the area. As the police approached my client and was conducting an interview, they witnessed my client drop a (Read More)

Case Dismissed
Domestic Battery and Order of Protection

My client was accused of whipping his minor child numerous times in the leg with a belt causing multiple/excessive red and blue whip marks and contusions. The victim was treated at the hospital. My client admitted that he did whip the victim, striking her several times with the belt and even stated that it was (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Attempted Murder, Unlawful Restraint, and Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

Defendant and 2 other co-defendants were accused of going to another females house in the middle of the night and shouting outside her apartment. They were threatening to kills her and demanded that she come outside. The victim called 911 and then came out to tell them to stop screaming. When the victim stepped outside (Read More)

Not Guilty on All Counts after Trial
Retail Theft

The police were called for a report of retail theft from Wal-Mart. When we got to court, there was a video of the incident. However, my client didn’t think he did anything wrong and wanted to go to trial. I went to trial and the Judge found him not guilty on all charges.

Not Guilty after Trial
Domestic Battery

The police were called for a report of domestic violence between my client and his girlfriend. My client was accused of blocking the bedroom door and not allowing her to leave, grabbing the victim and throwing her on the bed, and restraining the victim by sitting on her chest and not allowing her to leave. (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License and No City Sticker

My client was arrested for having no City of Chicago vehicle sticker and for driving on a suspended driver’s license. My client’s license is suspended for have a Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol conviction and this was his 3rd time being stopped for driving on a suspended license. When I initially went to court, (Read More)

Attempted Disorderly Conduct

My client was arrested for falsely accusing another person of committing a battery against her. She claimed that another student at school hit, kicked, and threatened her. She made numerous false stories up to the police as they were investigating her original claim that she was injured by another classmate. After intense negotiations with the (Read More)

All Charges Dismissed