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Criminal Case Results

Felony Unlawful use of Weapon

Client was stopped for speeding. The police officer asked the Defendant if he had anything illegal in the vehicle. The Defendant kept telling the officer he did not. After the speeding ticket was issued to the Defendant, the police officer asked him if he could search the vehicle. The Defendant finally admitted to the officer (Read More)

Motion Granted. All Evidence Suppressed. Case Dismissed
Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Deliver

My client was charged with making a hand to hand delivery of heroin to an undercover Chicago Police Officer. My client was facing significant prison time because of the charges. The prosecutor refused to offer probation so we had no choice but to go to trial in order to avoid prison or any sort of (Read More)

Not Guilty of All Charges after Trial
Armed Robbery

My client was charged with robbing a pizza delivery man with a BB gun that looked like a real firearm. My client and other co-defendants ran from the scene. The Chicago Police eventually found all defendants and they were identified by the victim. In addition, the pizza boxes and gun were found in their possession. (Read More)

Not Guilty after Trial
Armed Robbery with a Firearm

My client and two (2) other individuals robbed two separate individuals within a short period of time. My client was armed with a gun. They were wearing masks the whole time during both of the robberies. The police department found video surveillance in a nearby apartment building which captured my client and his friends running (Read More)

All Charges Dismissed
Kidnapping, Attempt Sexual Assault, Unlawful Restraint, Aggravated Domestic Battery

Defendant was charged with brutally beating his girlfriend and holding her captive in his home against her will. Prosecution had numerous gruesome photographs of the injuries that he allegedly caused to her face. His girlfriend told a grand jury about the kidnapping, beatings and abuse she suffered by his hands. His girlfriend attended every court (Read More)

All Charges Dismissed
Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon AND Possession of a Controlled Substance with the Intent to Deliver

The Chicago Police Department obtained a search warrant for my client’s home. When the police executed the search warrant they found my client inside the home. In the home they also found firearm ammunition, forty-five (45) pills of MDMA, a large quantity of cocaine and cannabis. They found proof of residency as well. My client (Read More)

Not Guilty of All Charges after Trial
Armed Habitual Offender, Unlawful Use of Weapons, Possession of cocaine with Intent to Deliver

The Chicago Police Department obtained a search warrant for my client’s residence after they received information that he had guns and drugs in there. Approximately 12 Chicago Police Officers came and searched my client’s entire residence. In the basement they found a loaded .22 caliber handgun. Next to the gun they found “proof of residency” (Read More)

Not Guilty of All Charges after Trial
Attempted Murder, Unlawful Restraint, and Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

Defendant and 2 other co-defendants were accused of going to another females house in the middle of the night and shouting outside her apartment. They were threatening to kills her and demanded that she come outside. The victim called 911 and then came out to tell them to stop screaming. When the victim stepped outside (Read More)

Not Guilty on All Charges after Trial
Felony Aggravated Domestic Battery

My client was charged with striking his elderly mother in the face and pushing her to the ground. Because his mother was over 60 years of age, the State of Illinois charged him as a felony. The police took pictures of the victim showing injury to her face and they took a written statement as (Read More)

Not Guilty